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Syria slams US over arms shipment to armed terrorist groups

Damascus has condemned a decision by the United States to arm tens of thousands of militants fighting the Syrian government.

In a statement carried by SANA on Thursday, an official with the Syrian Foreign Ministry said arming the militants further exposes Washington’s role in fueling the crisis in the Arab country.

The statement added that the US intends to prolong violence and terrorism in Syria in order to undermine the country’s security and stability, all in favor of Israel.

“The reality about the US intentions has been exposed to everybody as they aim for violence and terrorism to continue in Syria to disrupt security and stability in the region in service of Israel’s aggressive goals,” it read.

The statement also stressed the US administration’s dishonesty and faking support for finding a political solution to the Syria crisis at the international conference in Geneva.

The White House has reportedly weighed the possibility of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria, and on Monday the House and Senate intelligence committees finally approved a measure that will allow the CIA to ship arms to the foreign-backed militants in Syria.


General Martin Dempsey has rejected the idea of enforcing the no-fly zone over Syria

However, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey has rejected the idea of enforcing the no-fly zone over Syria, arguing that it will be very expensive and would amount to an act of war on the part of the US.

The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have been killed since the outbreak of the foreign-sponsored militancy against the Syrian government.