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Syria heading towards victory against terrorism

Homs, 30/7/2013 – The Syrian Arab Army has made a new victory against terrorism along with the restoration of security and stability to Homs province.

After al-Qseir, al-Qaryatin and Tal-Kalakh, the Syrian Arab Army restored security to al-Khalediya neighborhood after it has been for several months a stronghold for the armed terrorist groups.

After two years of suffering sustained by the locals of Homs because of the armed terrorist groups, the armed forces eliminated the Takfiri terrorism in al-Khalediya neighborhood.

In a statement to SANA, a field commander saluted the brave soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army who forced the terrorists out of the neighborhood, pointing out to the importance of liberating this area in blocking the supply roads for the armed terrorist groups.

The commander said the purge operation was  carried out through three stages; the first stage was retaking control of the southern part of the neighborhood and blocks overlooking Khalid bin al-Walid Mosque; the second stage was retaking control over Beit al-Alo Park, al-Hafyan roundabout and the surrounding of the Mosque, and the third stage was eliminating the terrorists through the hard strikes of the army.

For his part, Head of the National Reconciliation Committee, Sheikh Saleh al-Nouaimi, expressed the happiness of the Syrian people over the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army on the ground.

He added that the residents of the neighborhood started communications with the committee as to come back to their homes.

Analysts pointed out that the liberation of al-Khalediya which is located at the center of the old city of Homs and a stronghold for terrorists’ leaders means cutting the supply roads for terrorists and controlling one of the most important headquarters for terrorist operation commands.

They added that this achievement would further escalate the dramatic collapse of terrorists and would force them to surrender their weapons.


Security, stability restored to al-Matahen area in Homs, terrorists’ infiltration attempt thwarted

A military source confirmed that the army units restored security and stability to al-Matahen (mills) area between Homs old garage and Saqiet al-Rai(irrigation) in Homs.

An army unit foiled a terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from Arsal in Lebanon to the Syrian territories through Khirbet Hamam site in the southern countryside of al-Qsier in Homs.

A military source told SANA that our armed forces killed 6 terrorists, wounded others and arrested terrorists Mohammed Bassam Al-Abedel Qader Barkkawi and Bassam Hamdi Taj ed-Din, nicknamed Gulam.

Two citizens martyred, others injured in rocket shells in Homs

Two citizens were martyred and 26 others were injured after terrorists fired two rocket shells near al-Hossami Mosque in al-Dablan district in Homs on Monday evening.

An official source told SANA reporter that terrorists targeted the prayers after salat al-Taraweeh causing the martyrdom of two citizens and the injury of 26 others.

The rocket shells attack caused material damage to the neighboring houses

Terrorists targeted in several villages in Idleb

Army units, in a series of operations carried out yesterday, inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in Idleb countryside.

A military source told SANA that several headquarters for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and a factory for manufacturing rockets were destroyed as a number of terrorists killed in Ma’arrat al-Nu’man in Idleb countryside.

The source added that an army unit eliminated gunmen in Kafrshillaya and foiled terrorists’ attempt to detonate 62 explosive devices planted on the roads of the town.

In the same context an army unit destroyed weapons including 14.5 mm machine guns in Mara’ian town while another unit killed a number of terrorists in Blashtoon and al-Maghara and destroyed their criminal equipment and weapons.

Terrorists linked to Jabhat al-Nusra were eliminated in Kansafrah town and weapons used by gunmen in their attacks on the people in the region were destroyed.


Homs and Provinces, 30/7/2013 – – (SANA)


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