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Damascus, August 1/2013 – President Bashar al-Assad expressed confidence in victory over the aggression targeting Syria thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian army.



On the occasion of the Syrian Arab Army’s Day, President Bashar al-Assad visited Daraya in Damascus countryside, inspecting a unit of the armed forces tasked with protecting the citizens and restoring security and stability to the area.

Addressing the Syrian army and armed forces on the occasion of the 68 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day in a speech published by Jaysh al-Shaab (Army of the People) magazine, President al-Assad saluted the Syrian army ”who is protecting the homeland’s dignity and honor,” lauding its unequalled valor in confronting terrorism.


President al-Assad emphasized the army’s role in safeguarding the cultural identity of the Arab nation and Syria, hailing the mutual bond of confidence between the army and people in what constituted ”the secret of our legendary steadfastness.”

President al-Assad congratulated the armed forces on the army’s day, addressing them “He who gets down to the field with our armed forces and shake hands with their men is honored… any citizen will be honored by shaking hands with any fighter of the Syrian Arab army.”

“Being with you on this day, we feel that we are with each fighter in the Syrian Arab army in all place of the homeland’s squares… when we shake hands with you, we shake hands with each fighter in Syria,” President al-Assad added.

The president said that his visit today was to thank the Syrian Arab Army’s soldiers, by the name of citizens in Syria and by the name of each honest citizen, as they carry on the war of homeland, all homeland, and this is a thanking letter from each citizen.

“The outcomes on the land speak… starting from Baba Amro into al-Qseir crossing the eastern Ghoutta… and today in Daraya and al-Khaldiye… we are very satisfied with your performance, but the most important thing is that the achievement of the Syrian Arab army became a matter of analysis in the whole world.. All analyze… What happens… and how could the Syrian Arab army withstand,” the President said.

“You have shown the whole world that pressure and conspiracies, no matter how tough and varied, will only make you even more determined to confront challenges, and emphasized that there are sacred principles in Syria based on the interests of the Syrian people and their national and pan-Arab goals,” President al-Assad said.


”Had we in Syria not been confident of victory, we would not have been able to remain steadfast and resist the agression for over two years,” President al-Assad affirmed.

President al-Assad saluted the souls of martyrs and their families and the Syrian people all over Syria.

President al-Assad added that the secret lies in the ideology of the Syrian Arab army, saying “of course, a lot of people don’t understand what the concept of an ideological army is, but an army to be ideological is the basis for any armed forces in the world, and even for the professional armies.”

“How many zero hours they set for now… from the beginning of the year till today there are 14 zero-hours they have set to attack Damascus, but in each zero-hour, you were shifting them into zeros, they, their plots and those who stand behind them,” the President said.

President al-Assad affirmed that usually the mottos come in the front and the practice comes after, but, this time, and through the Syrian Arab army, the practice came before the motto.

President al-Assad also inspected another unit of the forces working in Daraya during which he underlined that the strength of the army comes from its sons, but at the same time, it come from the people’s support to it, and the Syrian people stand by you and “when we say the army of the people, this means that the army defends the people, but at the same time, the people defend the army.

The president appreciated the heroism and sacrifices of the Syrian army soldiers which preserved the homeland, saying “Without you, there were no universities, schools, bread or water… without you, Syria was a matter of refugees, perhaps abroad… without you, we all were slaves for the states which want us to bow.”


President al-Assad affirmed that throughout history, the Syrian people have never accepted to be salves, this has never happened in the last history, not in the present and it is not allowed to be in the future.

“Our motto has always been martyrdom or victory, but, since the outbreak of the battles, our motto became victory… martyrdom is a destiny.. But our target is victory.. All the people await for the victory through the Syrian army, so we have to stand hand in hand, and as you stand by the people, so the people stand by you,” the President added.

President al-Assad was briefed by the officers and soldiers on the work of the operations of restoring security and stability to Daraya.

They underlined their determination to continue work with all citizens to defeat Terrorism with no tolerance in facing the terrorists who seek to destabilize the Country’s stability and weakening it.












– (SANA-H.Said/Mazen/M.Ismael)