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Information source: Minnegh Airport guards are fine, terrorists inflicted with severe losses


Damascus: soldiers of Ming airport are safe, showing peerless courage against terrorists

Aug 06, 2013 – Damascus, (SANA & BreakingNews) –  A Syrian media source have said that “terrorists in large numbers have intensified their attacks on the military airport of Ming; they could not enter it until all the soldiers guarding it were withdrawn for their safety”.

According to Syria’s state TV, the source maintained that “the military airport of Ming has been evacuated after terrorist concentrated their assaults,” and “units of Syrian Army are engaging now with terrorist groups around the airport; the units are fighting with peerless courage”.

“The heroes of our armed forces are confronting the terrorists with matchless valor”, the source affirmed, noting that the Airport is devoid of military equipment and aircrafts as it is not in service.

Before that, armed militia reported that they had managed to break into the airport located in the northern countryside of Aleppo after months of besieging it.


Army controls orchards in Homs and 3 villages in Lattakia’s countryside

Today, Syrian Arab Army units seized control of the orchards stretching from al-Gouta and al-Waer till al-Qarabees neighborhood in Homs.

Breaking News Network correspondent said that several tunnels were discovered in the area of the orchards, through which militants used to transfer and smuggle weapons into Old Homs in Homs city.

The correspondent also added that “cutting off such aid-lines of militants passing through the orchards till Old Homs will regain security to the area”.



Army controls 3 villages in Lattakia’s northern countryside.

In Lattakia’s countryside, our reporter said that units of Syrian Army managed to fully control the villages of Bait al-Shakuhi, Kafriah and Talla.