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Al-Halaqi a Teheran


PM al-Halaki: the group that assassinated scholar al-Bouti captured, and to be displayed

Aug 06, 2013 – Tehran – (BreakingNews) – PM Wael Al-Halaki said that US and other Arab countries are not transparent as for Geneva 2.

Al-Halki told al-Mayadeen news channel that Syria displayed a number of foreign fighters arrested in Syria to European delegations.

Al-Halki maintained that the group responsible for the killing of scholar Mohamed Saieed Ramadan al-Bouti has been captured and that the same group attempted to assassinate him.

Finally, al-Halki said that the confessions of the group members will be televised soon.


Wael al-Halqi and Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council-Ali Larijani

Tehran: Conspiracy will be foiled by Syrian people

Aug 06, 2013 – Tehran – (F.Allafi /H.Sabbagh-SANA) – Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, stressed that the bilateral relations between Syria and Iran will witness a qualitative leap in the future to boost the developing and firm strategic relations between the two countries.

During a meeting with Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, Larijani explained that the universal war and conspiracy facing Syria cannot succeed thanks to the Syrian people  who are determined to overcome them and rebuild the new and united Syria.

He stressed the support of the Iranian people to the Syrians through offering all kinds of economic, commercial and developmental support.

Larijani condemned the criminal attacks perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups which are aimed at destabilizing Syria, hoping the conspiracy against Syria will soon fall and the Syrian people will win.

For his part, al-Halqi highly valued the stances of the Iranian leadership and people towards Syria and their unlimited support to the Syrian people.

He expressed the Syrian government’s commitment to develop the economic and commercial relations with Iran.

Iran’s First Vice President stresses determination to consolidate cooperation between Syria and Iran

Iran’s First Vice President, Ishaq Jahangiri, stressed the determination of the new government of Iran to consolidate cooperation ties between Syria and Iran and expand them to include all economic and commercial sectors.


Jahangiri’s remarks came during a meeting with al-Halqi, in Tehran.

He  emphasized Iran’s support to Syria in face of the economic war as to meet the needs of the Syrian market.

For his part, Dr. al-Halqi thanked Jahangiri for his genuine feelings to consolidate relations between Syria and Iran, pointing out to the difficulties facing the Syrian economy due to the criminal attacks.

He reviewed the steps made by the Syrian government to beef up the capacities of the Syrian economy and to meet the needs of the Syrian people.
Tehran affirms strength of Syrian-Iranian relations

20130805-210316Assistant of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ali Saeedlou affirmed the depth of the historic and strategic Syrian-Iranian relations and the issues that bind the two countries.

Meeting Prime Minister al-Halqi, Saeedlou voiced satisfaction over the development in bilateral relations on all levels, voicing confidence in the Syrians’ ability to overcome the current crisis.

He also denounced the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups against the Syrian people and Syria’s economy, lauding the victories achieved by Syria on political, economical and military levels and in national reconciliation.

For his part, al-Halqi thanked Saeedlou for his efforts in improving bilateral relations, particularly in economic fields, lauding Iran’s stances towards the events in Syria.

Al-Halqi voiced confidence that cooperation will move forward and grow thanks to the two countries’ mutual desire to do so.

The two sides discussed various issues, particularly economic issues such as the export of Iranian goods to Syria and encouraging Iranian businessmen to start projects in Syria.