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By Westernjournalism.com :

I am a freeborn American with God-given rights. 

This means I submit voluntarily, or I don’t submit at all.

As an American, my government is my servant, not my master.

USA civilians

As a freeborn American, according to the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, I have the God-given right to:

-Exercise my religion without interference from the government.  Therefore, I cannot be forced by government to fund something that violates my religious conscience; and I cannot be forced to purchase something that forces me to violate my religious convictions. Any government forcing of citizens to violate conscience violates God-given rights.  Such a government renders itself illegitimate and unworthy of citizen cooperation.  In this light, Obamacare is an abomination because it forces citizens to pay for abortion drugs and services and contraception.  The U.S. government is also found infringing on the free exercise of pastors addressing moral and social issues, using the tax code to silence pastors, and using zoning regulations to prevent churches from operating.  These too are violations of God-given rights, infringements we demand government halt.

-Freedom of speech, a right and a responsibility.  I have the right to speak out without fear of reprisal, and I have a responsibility to speak the truth so far as God grants the ability to determine truth.  Hate crime laws are specifically designed to stifle speech and to silence any traditionalist speaking on the moral issues of the day.  These laws are a violation of my God-given rights and a violation of my Constitutional right to free speech.  They are therefore unlawful and will not be obeyed.  The People have a right to organize political and educational groups to participate in and improve society—all part of exercising free speech.  When government uses the IRS and other agencies to silence such groups, government acts illegally, becoming unfit to govern.  Any government abridging freedom of speech has lost all right to govern, having lost the consent of the governed.

-Freedom of the press.  The U.S. government is actively engaged in spying on reporters, intimidating journalists, and threatening them in attempts to control the flow of information needed by citizens to make good decisions in selecting representatives.  Persecuting the Associated Press and Fox News, this government commits crimes against its own citizens.  In all this, the U.S. government has become tyrannical, violating the U.S Constitution.  Freeborn Americans must confront such tyranny or forfeit liberty.

-Peacefully assemble and petition government for redress of grievances.  We now see government interfering with the ability to assemble and working to derail legitimate congressional investigations into real scandals.  Attacks on the Tea Party by officials in government have been glaring and consistent for years.  Government efforts to discredit those targeted by the IRS are obvious.

-Bear arms.  The right to self-defense is ironclad.  Any government effort to disarm American citizens is a violation of law, a violation of natural law, and a violation of our God-given rights.  This government’s efforts to disarm Americans must be resisted and defeated if liberty is to survive in the U.S.

– Be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures.  Domestic surveillance, confiscation of property without due process, and searches without warrant have now become common practice by the U.S. government, all of it unlawful and intolerable to a free people.

Not only is the federal government infringing upon states’ rights; the central government is also usurping the rights of The People across the board, interfering with the right to own private property through excessive regulation and other rights as stipulated above.

All in all, no freeborn American can call himself an American and, at the same time, tolerate these gross violations perpetrated in this day by this President and his agents.  Therefore, citizens have every God-given right to resist and overthrow such agents should they continue to refuse to comply with the terms of our consent, as stipulated in our founding documents.