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Can I just say, “I don’t understand people?” Can I just say, “I sure hope things work out for Syria, and the beauty within this Country?” Can I just say, “Syrians don’t deserve this?” Well, ya, I can say this. The problem is, for me, it is not enough. I fight the best ways I know how. With my youtube channel, proving what I can, and as much as I can to the people I have to fight daily with under my videos.


Why do I fight with words? I fight FOR people who have the eyes to see the truth, the ears to hear the truth, and a heart to believe the truth. I fight for the right of life of Syrians. I fight for an unnamed little girl who is much to small to understand war, yet gets her throat cut, and bleeds to death clutching a doll still in her hand. I fight for an unnamed little boy who has dreams of growing up and becoming a teacher like his father that he is so proud of, that takes a bullet to the head, without knowing why. I fight for the unnamed woman dragged from her family, and raped by 50 terrorists before her throat too is cut, and she is hung. I fight for the proud Syrian man who is bound and blind folded and unable to protect his family from the murders of his family he can hear, but cannot stop. I fight for the elderly couple who are not allowed to die with the dignity they deserve after giving their life to do what’s best for their family and country. I fight for the man taking apples to the market to sell, that is slain and robbed along the road. I fight for the students, sitting in a class with hopes of a better future when a car bomb goes off and their life is ended. I fight for the Syrian soldier who kisses his child goodbye, and hugs his wife before picking up his gun to fight another day, neither knowing what will happen by the end of that day. I fight for a beautiful Country, of beautiful people, known as Syria. Just asking “why” is not enough for me.

I fight with words because I am unable to fight those I wish to. If I could, I would sit with one from Qatar, or Saudi or Turkey and fight with my words to their face. In fact, I would welcome it. I would truly like to know whats inside the head of these people who sit comfortably in their countries, and encourage this proxy war on Syria to the point of funding them, supplying weapons to them, and aiding them. I would like to ask them, “at what point is enough innocent blood spilled enough?” I would like to ask them, “Do you know what this war has done, and do you wring your hands with delight?”

Not speaking of the countless innocent lives lost. Let me remind you countries of just a few things this proxy war on Syria HAS accomplished. It has made the worlds eyes turn to these countries. It has made the world focus on the shortcomings and problems within your countries, and the many imperfections your countries have. It has brought the newer belief that the “wests” claim of bringing “democracy through the Arab Spring” is nothing but a joke to the intelligence of the people of the world who watch. It’s made people not only doubt the integrity of their country, it has made them doubt the integrity of the countries who support this war on Syria. Do you know how this makes a person feel when they doubt THEIR own country? IF we were to be honest here, “Saudi, you would be heading the list of countries that need democracy.” You are not immune, and your time will come. It has brought attention to most, but not all of the main stream media everywhere, and the journalists reporting flat out lies. We now now there is no separation from the journalist, and the governments agenda. Now we know clearly, who we can trust, and who we cannot. The main stream media, has been BOUGHT with the blood of the innocent in the same way the “Jihad in Syria” has been. Without trust, you cannot have respect. Without respect, you cannot have a following. Without a following, you have no one to lead. You therefore, PUSH people to seek the truth, and knowledge is power. Without YOUR power, power returns to the people, because they will demand it. Now, the situation in Syria is seen, and NOT through the “rose colored glasses” anymore.

People are not impressed with your money. You have a lot, so what? What does your money show about the content of your character? Does it define the type of men you are? Are the “good deeds” done with that money make up for the blood you have encouraged and helped to spill? Or has it erased them? Will it be enough to satisfy your debts on Judgement Day? I would think the questions you should ask yourself is, “How do I effect other people? How do I make others feel? What is the legacy I am going to leave this world?” Because death is something your money cannot spare you from. What good is that money going to be to you when you are dead. What will go through peoples minds when your names are uttered in your absence? How many will shed a tear at your passing, or flock to your grave to pay respect? What kind of man does it take to do what you do?

Some of the very finest, most honorable people I have met, had not a dime to their name. They were the kindest, sharing what little they had and happy to do so. I remember them, how humble they were, and their stories of life that warmed my heart, and made me smile. I am proud to have met every last one of them, and wouldn’t trade those experiences for all the money you have. When I reflect on those people I do so with a smile in my heart, and the words, “love, honor respect, kindness all come to mind.

You know, people come and go from our lives for a reason. A word or action touches us deeply. We may not remember a persons name, but we remember how that person made us feel. To Saudi and Qatar especially, “you are leaving a very bad taste in peoples mouths right now, and you have brought this all upon yourselves.” You have FORCED us to focus upon you, and I for one, don’t like what I see. You can change this, you do have that kind of power. How is it that you can sleep at night, knowing what is happening to innocent people in Syria? You could do more for all of mankind than most countries, so I don’t understand this need for control. It lacks integrity. It lacks the fiber that makes us all human beings, coming from all walks of life, sharing a common goal of living together on this earth.

With every death you help to facilitate in Syria, you are killing the future of great scientist that may have discovered the cure to a cancer your great grandchild may have in the future. You are killing a future teacher that may have helped an introverted child grow to become an extroverted genius. You’re killing future poets, and singers, doctors and fire fighters. You’re killing hopes and dreams, and leaving sadness and despair. You’re killing the future of Syria’s beautiful people, and it is not your place to do so. It is not for you to become judge, jury, and executioner to a country who does not bend to your will, for the reasons you try to force it to.

Greed, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Wrath… “the seven deadly sins.” The reasons most are UNsuccessful in “life.” These are NOT the traits of the humble. These are the traits of people who have wandered from what is important in life. These are the traits of people who have giant holes in their chests where their heart once lived. These are the traits of those who have forgotten the meaning of compassion, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. These are people who are so wrapped up in these sins that drive them, that they become blind to the meaning of life, and how precious it truly is. How do you justify this when you are alone with your thoughts?

I would like to look into your eyes to see what I see. I would like to listen with my ears to what you would tell me. I would like to sit with you because there are some things I’d like to explain. The people of Syria have a right to live. The people of Syria have a right to have their President, Dr Bashar al-Assad, as their President. The people of Syria have a right to go to bed tonight, knowing they will make the best of their lives tomorrow. Syria belongs to people of Syria, and not to anyone else. Syrian’s deserve a life free from the one you are forcing on them. Instead of thinking what you can do TO Syria, I ask what you can do FOR Syria. Syria deserves some peace, and you CAN give them that.

I am a person, strong in my convictions, not for sale. Very loyal, and very determined to fight for what is right. When I leave this world, these are the qualities I hope to leave in the minds of people who think about me…

I am “NevaehWest” and I can be contacted through youtube facebook or Twitter.

“My fight is for the people of Syria, and the President of Syrians.”