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A Jailed Leader of Muslims Brotherhood has secret data to topple Obama

Egyptian newspaper “al-Ahram” said that a number of politicians and partisans supposed that secret data is obtained by Deputy General Guide Khaitrat al-Shater and his son Saed, who has revealed to one of the news agencies that his father is able to jail the U.S president Barak Obama through such data.

The newspaper has pointed out that these secret data could prove the involvement of USA with leaders of Muslim Brotherhood in an intelligence conspiracy against Egypt.

Saed wanted to press USA through this data in order to release his father.

Political forces have demanded revealing these dangerous secret data that threaten Obama’s throne.


Free Syrian Army fighters carry their weapons as they pose next to bodies of forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Al-Khalidiya neighbourhood of Homs

World Tribune: Muslim Brotherhood fighters switch their focus from Egypt to Syria

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, ousted from power by the military, has intensified its participation in the crisis in Syria.

Islamist sources said the Brotherhood has been recruiting what could result in thousands of new fighters to battle the Syrian government.

The sources said the Brotherhood was receiving funds from Saudi Arabia to bolster the embattled rebel movement amid the offensive by the Syrian Army.

“There are literally tens of thousands of trained Brotherhood fighters who might prefer to receive handsome salaries to fight the Syrian Army in Syria rather than the military in Egypt,” a source said.

Under the year-long regime of Egypt’s first Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, most of the Brotherhood fighters stayed home in expectation of jobs in the government and security forces. But after Morsi was overthrown on July 3, many fighters traveled to the Sinai Peninsula and other locations for insurgency operations that included Al Qaida-aligned forces.

The Brotherhood already has been coordinating with units in Hama, regarded as the main stronghold of the Islamist movement. The sources said.

Hama was used to store weapons and equipment allocated to an expected rebel offensive later in 2013.

The sources said Brotherhood fighters were being recruited to join the “Free Syrian Army”. They said a Saudi priority was to bolster “FSA” amid the domination of the opposition war by Al Qaida-aligned militias, including Al Nusra Front for the Defense of the Levant and the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”.

An opposition figure, Mulham Droubi, said the Brotherhood established units in Syria in May 2013. Droubi, a member of the “Syrian National Council,” said he welcomed Brotherhood recruitment and operations against the Syrian government.

“The formation of a military organization is on the agenda,” Droubi said. “But this group will not clash with the jihadists who are fighting the Syrian regime.”


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