Baath Party leaderships in Syria and Lebanon discuss enhancing anti-US-Zionist project movement.

The two regional leaderships of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Syria and Lebanon discussed in Damascus the latest developments in the two counties and the region and the role of the Party in enhancing the popular movement against the US-Zionist project and its tools in the region.

They also discussed the ways of improving coordination between the comrades in both counties so as to boost the common resistance dynamic at this critical time facing the region.

Both sides stressed the need for improving the work between all nationalist resistance and liberation forces in the two countries and in the Arab world, particularly at a time when the conspiracy and the forces of terrorism are being confronted with massive popular movements in many Arab countries.

Regional Secretary of al-Baath Party in Syria Hilal Hilal said that Syria is facing the enemies on behalf of all the Arabs, adding that the sacrifices offered by the Syrian army aim to foil the conspiracy targeting the Arabs’ present and future.

In his turn, Regional Secretary of al-Baath Party in Lebanon Fayez Shukr affirmed the support of the Lebanese national forces to the Syrian people in their war on terrorism.

Damascus, 11 August 2013 – (SANA – B. Mousa / H. Said) –