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BREAKING BROTHERHOOD: Death toll of clashes in Egypt rises to 525 after Security Forces have come under heavy shooting (43 military killed) by Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo, August 15, 2013 – (SANA-H. Said/ Mazen/ F.Allafi) – Senior Egyptian security officials stressed Thursday that calm has returned to all parts of Egypt after the curfew that was imposed following the accomplishment of the clearing operation of the protest camps of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the capital Cairo.

The AFP said there are fears that the acts of violence could be renewed today after the curfew was lifter early this morning.

Egyptian Interior Minister, Mohammad Ibrahim, earlier pointed out that 43 security forces members, including 18 officers were killed Wednesday during the process of clearing Rabia al-Adawiya and al-Nahda protest camps the acts of violence that followed.


Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood protester

The Egyptian Health Ministry announced Thursday that the death toll of the clashes which erupted Wednesday rose up to 525 dead, in addition to 3717 injured.

Health Ministry Spokesperson, Mohammad Fathallah, earlier said that 137 people were killed in Rabia al-Adwaieh area which is the center of protesters who supported ousted President, Mohammad Morsi, while 57 people were killed in al-Nahda square, 29 in Helwan area and some 198 people killed in Egyptian provinces.


Earlier, Egyptian acting President Adly Mansour on Wednesday issued a decision to announce the state of emergency all over the country for one month as of today.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Cabinet imposed a curfew in the country from 7 o’clock pm till 6 o’clock am.

An Egyptian medical source said that the death toll of the clashes that took place in Cairo and the other Egyptian cities rose to 149, while the number of wounded persons rose to 1403.


An Egyptian security source announced that the security forces imposed their full control on Rābe’a al-Adawiya square in Nasr city, removing the main platform and besieging Rabe’a mosque.

“The security forces appealed to the people inside the mosque to leave the place with guaranteeing their safe departure except those who are wanted,” gate.ahram website quoted a security source as saying.

Earlier, The Egyptian security forces started morning clearing out the two camps of Muslim Brotherhood protesters in the squares of Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda.

The security forces fired tear gas and blocked the roads leading to the two squares and arrested scores of protesters with weapons in their possession.



The Egyptian Middle East news agency quoted a security source as saying that the security forces launched the second phase of the Interior Ministry’s plan to end the protests by imposing full blockade on the two camps.

The source noted that the protesters at each camp have been provided an exit to leave the camps.

Meanwhile, a security source at the Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that the confrontations in the framework of the clearing operation have so far resulted in the death of an officer and a conscript and the injury of 4 officers and five conscripts from the Central Security forces.

The Ministry however denied news circulated by al-Jazeera TV channel and a number of news websites affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood that there have been victims among the protesters in Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda squares.

In a statement, the Ministry stressed that its forces have used tear gas only despite the fact they have come under heavy shooting by some of the protesters, which caused the death and injury of several officers and conscripts with live bullets.


Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood protester

An exchange of fire between the protesters and the security forces took place in the surrounding of the University of Cairo as the supporters of the deposed president Mohamed Mursi stormed into the university and fired cartridges and live bullets. The police however responded by firing tear gas.


The security forces charged with clearing out the protest camp of Rabaa al-Adawiya found an amount of firearms and white weapons inside the protesters’ tents.


Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood protester