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Turk intel killed in Syria

Two Turkish intelligence (MIT) agents killed in Syria,

117 villages attacked by al-Qaeda

Turk intel close up

Syrian Kurdistan,— The general commander of Jabhat al-Akrad said 117 Kurdish villages in the Aleppo / Bab / Azzaz triangle are under attack by al-Qaeda-linked groups and several brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The attacks came as a result of a meeting attended by more 70 commanders of the FSA in Turkey last July.

Kurdish commander Haji Ahmad told Firat News that his fighters killed two members of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) in the last two days of clashes in the region of Sad Shahab where the Kurdish villages are located.

The names of two members of the MIT will be announced in the coming days, said the al-Akrad commander, noting that the presence of these people is proof of Turkey’s role in the attacks on Kurds.

Many villages in the region of Sad Shahab, including the villages of “Kafar Zikhir”, “Narabiya”, “Kubbessini”, “Kul Suruch”, “Jabal Assi” and “Tall Maden” were surrounded 14 August by armed groups affiliated to al-Qaeda. Groups hiding behind the cover of Islam to commit horrendous crimes.

About 500 people were kidnapped in the villages of Kafar Zikhir and Narabiya, Kurdish sources said. Nearly 1,500 families were forced to flee their homes.

Jabhat al-Akrad (the Kurdish Front), consists of members of all ethnic groups in Syria and are allied of the People’s Defense Forces (YPG). This organisation has forty battalions, especially in the areas of Bab Azzaz and Aleppo. It is part of the military council of the “real” Free Syrian Army (FLA).

At least 70 Kurdish civilians were brutally massacred by jihadists, between July 29 and August 1, in the small towns of Til Hasil and Til Aran, in the Aleppo region under international silence. The FSA brigades, supported by the West, also participated in the massacre.

Hundreds of civilians were abducted, while thousands more were forced to flee to the desert, when the mosques and Til Hasil and Til Aran, under the control of jihadists, announced that Kurdish property and women were “halal” and calling therefore to new rape and new massacres. Several women were raped by these criminals.

Kurds are fighting both the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the jihadists (which are backed by FSA brigades and foreign countries, including Turkey).

Several Turkish associations, close to the AKP government, openly support the jihadists and organize their transport to Syria. Many documents seized by Kurdish fighters show their journeys from Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, the United States to Syria.

The position and role of the Kurds in the Middle East is getting increasingly strong, despite the barbarity of these groups which suffered heavy losses, and despite the support of foreign countries. Today a Middle East without Kurds is no longer imaginable. The Kurds have emerged as a model of democracy,www.ekurd.net offering a democratic and ecological confederation of peoples in the Middle East. The Kurdish revolution will be felt throughout the region.