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Belgian authorities in the cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde have decided to impose economic sanctions on Belgians who receive social welfare or unemployment benefits while waging so-called “Holy War” in Syria.


Most of the European youth end up with al-Qaeda linked brigades such as this Jabhat al-Qaeda brigade near Aleppo. European youths are also being systematically targeted for recruitment during family visits or holidays in countries like Libya, Tunisia and Turkey. 

Spokespersons of the administrations of the Belgian cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde have stated, that the economic sanctions, as far as they are aware of, will affect 29 Belgian citizens who are currently known to be fighting alongside armed insurgent and terrorist groups in Syria. The cities spokespersons explain, that the economic measures are being implemented in an attempt to dissuade Belgians from heading to Syria and to sanction those who are fighting alongside the armed groups there.

Investigations by local authorities have shown that the Belgian citizens who have taken to Syria have entered Turkey to cash in the unemployment aid and social welfare that is being transferred to them in Turkish banks, whereafter the  Belgian “Holy Warriors” sneak back across the border to Syria. Besides the crime of membership in a terrorist organization, many of the foreign terrorists in Syria are also frequently involved in some of the most serious crimes recognized by mankind, such as war crimes, including massacres, ethnic cleansing, rape and summary executions.

While Belgian citizens´ participation in internationally recognized crimes has warranted little response from the sides of Belgium´s elected officials, the defrauding of the nation´s social welfare system and unemployment insurance elicits a prompt response.

The Belgian Minister of Labor, Monica De Conninck, has supported the steps which have been taken by Antwerp and Vilvoorde. De Conninck said, that these Belgians are breaking the law, and stressed, that the youths must find work instead of going to fight in Syria. Conninck added, that these sanctions could be extended to cover all of Belgium. The Belgian law prescribes, that those who receive social welfare benefits or unemployment money have to be available for the working market and recipients of either must actively engage in finding work.

Belgian media reports indicate that some 80 – 100 Belgians are likely to be taking part in the unconventional war against Syria, which began in 2011, and which since then has cost the lives of more than 100.000, mostly civilian´s lives. At least 29 of them will no longer be able to wage “Holy War” and commit war crimes on Social Welfare.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc)