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Egypt´s police has arrested the Supreme Guide of Egypt´s Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie and other senior MB figures. Badie, who has been remanded to custody for 15 days twice, has been arrested over charges of involvement in the killing of peaceful protesters and for inciting violence.

Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide, Mohammed Badie

According to official Egyptian sources, the Supreme Guide of Egypt´s Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, as well as six of his guards and aides have been arrested in an apartment near the Rabiaa al-Adawiya area of Egypt´s capital Cairo. Mohammed Badie and his aides have been wanted for questioning. The men were arrested after a person from within the ranks of the MB reported the location of their hideout to Cairo police.

Mohammed Badie and his two aides, Khairat al-Shater and Rashad al-Bayoumi have been accused of inciting the killing of peaceful protesters and for inciting the violence that erupted in the events at the Republican Guard and Ramses Square last July and the violence outside the premises of the Republican Guard compound last month that left 57 people dead.

Badie is also facing additional charges of involvement in violent acts that occurred in December 2012, against protesters who were rejecting a complementary constitutional declaration that had been issued by the ousted President Mohammed Morsi late February 2012.

It were the constitutional changes, combined with a subsequent change in Egypt´s election law, which would have made it all but impossible for other than Islamist parties to register at the next coming election. The changes constituted, according to many members of the opposition to Morsi and his government, and according to many independent analysts a de facto coup d´Etat.

It was the realization of the coup that sparked the first protests against the constitutional and election law changes. Mass protests erupted when Amr Darrag, who is a member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood´s AK-Party described the opposition´s persistent demands for constitutional amendments as:

“A Waste of time”… and that “suspending the national dialog over the constitution issue was unrealistic”. 

The three detainees have been transported to Tora prison. A source of Egypt´s Interior Ministry and Egypt´s Informationa ministry informed that Badil will be questioned by a task force belonging to the office of the public prosecutor.