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Provinces, (SANA)-Army units killed all members of terrorist groups, some of them belong to Jabhat al-Nusra, in a series of operations against their gatherings in several neighborhoods, towns and villages in Aleppo, where the units destroyed a weapon and ammunition cashe and re-gained control over a number of buildings in Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood.

terrorists captured

An official source told SANA reporter that army units carried out an accurate operation against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Masaken al-Tarbiya in Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood, expanding its control on the buildings that lie to the south of Hozaifa Mosque after killing many terrorists that were fortifying inside of the blocks and using them as platforms to target residents and citizens.

The source added that terrorists’ gatherings were destroyed in al-Rashideen suburb, killing all of them, while another unit confronted a terrorist infiltration attempt to Suleiman al-Halabi neighborhood, killing all the terrorists.

The source pointed out that army units clashed with terrorists who attempted to infiltrate to Dahrat Abd Rabbo area, killing five of them, while another unit destroyed terrorists’ dens and weapons in al-Layramoun, al-Mansoura, Bayanoun and Maqale’ al-Tamoura.

In the northwest of the Province, an arms and ammunition cashe was destroyed to the south of Hreitan, in addition to inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in Mayer village, the area surrounding Aleppo Central Jail, al-Kindi Hospital, the area to the north of Hamina village and the area to east of Deir Hafer village.

Also, army units destroyed terrorists’ missile and mortar launchers and weapons in Kafkif, jdeideh and Kweires villages in the southeast of the Province.

Army units eliminate terrorists in Homs and countryside

Units of the armed forces destroyed terrorists dens in Homs and its countryside, killing and injuring several terrorists, including a sniper.

A military source told SANA that the army units destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in al-Qsour, al-Qrabis and Bab Houd, killing a number of terrorists, including Skaf Nawaf al-Kash’am and Sajid Ibrahim al-Kash’am, in addition to killing a sniper.

The source added that the army units destroyed terrorists dens to the southeast of al-Kariaten, al-Daar al-Kabera, al-Rastan and Talbisa along with the weapons and ammunition, in addition to killing all terrorists inside the dens, most of them were non-Syrians.

The source pointed out that an army unit continued searching in the southeast of Palmyra city and dismantled a number of explosive devices planted by terrorists.

Earlier, the army units restored security and stability to the eastern and southern neighborhoods of Palmyra city, after destroying the last terrorists’ gatherings in it.

An official source in Homs said that 3 citizens were injured by terrorist sniper’ bullets in Bab al-Sba’a neighborhood, while a rocket-propelled grenade fell near  the dispensary polyclinic in Karm al-Louz, causing material damages to the area without casualties.  

Army units eliminate terrorists in Damascus Countryside, destroy their weapons

Army units destroyed weapons and munitions which terrorists had loaded in a car southeast of Tishreen Hospital in Barzeh area, eliminating all the terrorists in the vehicle.

An army unit clashed with a terrorist group affiliated with “Liwa’a al-Islam” near the Parliament roundabout, al-Manasher roundabout and the Electric Power Company in Jobanr area, eliminating 9 terrorists including the group’s leader Usama al-Tawil, Yasin Omran, and Abdullah al-Tair.

Another unit pursued a terrorist group affiliated with Jabhat al-Nusra east of al-Thanawiya roundabout in Harasta, eliminating its leader Ismael Zenati and terrorist Mustafa al-Oss, while a second unit carried out a special oepraiton in al-Shifouniye farms which resulted in the death of terrorists Muad al-Hwaid and Abdelrahman Samadi.

Terrorist groups affiliated with Jabhet al-Nusra were eliminated in Adra and Erbin and their weapons were destroyed. Among the dead terrorists were Mohammad al-Samman and Yazan al-Shaghouri, in addition to eliminating Mohammad Najib, the leader of a terrorist group affiliated with “Liwa’a al-Islam” along with most of his group’s members.

In the eastern Ghouta area, army units continued operations against terrorists in the towns of al-Bahariya and Deir Salman, destroying their weapons and killing a number of them including Khaled Hamida and Ahmad al-Abed.

In al-Ziyabiye, the army left all members of a terrorist group dead or injured and destroyed a mortar launcher. Among the dead terrorists were Munzer Nu’ma, a Palestinian called Mohammad al-Maqran, and Munzer Saeed who was the leader of a terrorist group.

An army unit clashed with terrorists in the town of Hejjeira, leaving them dead or injured and destroying their weapons and ammo, while another unit eliminated terrorists in the mountains near Halboun village in al-Tal area, destroying their weapons and ammo.

Army units prevented terrorists from detonating five explosive devices weighing up to 25 kilograms each which were planted and rigged for remote detonation near the Beit Jin turnpike on the Damascus-Sa’sa’a road.

Heavy losses inflicted upon terrorists in Homs

The Syrian Arab Army on Monday carried out several operations against terrorists in several provinces, inflicting major losses on them.

A military source told SANA that an army unit foiled terrorists’ attempt to detonate a car bomb in Qbaiyat al-Asi area in Homs countryside and destroyed a rocket launcher and various kinds of weapons and ammunition.

The source added that terrorists’ gathering in al-Shindakhieh, south-east al-Nua’imat, the entrance of Wadi Hawara, Khrbet Wadi Hawara and Jeb al-Jarrah.

Another army unit confronted an armed terrorist group’s attempt to infiltrate into al-Dar al-Kabira in al-Muhajireen neighborhood in the city of Homs, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

The source added that units of the armed forces restored security and stability to the Eastern and Southern neighborhoods of Palmyra city and the eastern groves after eliminating the latest terrorists’ gatherings.

Meanwhile, a unit of the armed forces clashed with an armed terrorist group infiltrated from al-Zara village into Talkalakh and Qaser Bait al-Dandashi, killing all its members.

 13 terrorists arrested, their weapons confiscated in Talkalakh

An official source  said that an army unit arrested thirteen terrorists who were preparing to perpetrate terrorist acts in in Talkalakh, Homs countryside.

The source added that the terrorists were arrested in the Market area in the city, where the army members confiscated machineguns, rifles, bombs and ammunition they had.

Terrorists killed or injured, explosive detonation attempt foiled in Daraa

Army units inflicted heavy losses upon armed terrorist groups, some members of which are Egyptians and Saudi Arabians, in Daraa countryside, killing many terrorists and injuring others, as the units also foiled a terrorists’ attempt to detonate explosives in Be’er al-Sabil town.

A military source told SANA reporter that army units destroyed a bulldozer that belongs to terrorists, and killed numbers of them in several towns and villages in the Province including Nawa, Dael and Busra al-sham.

The bodies of Oday al-Farouqi, a Saudi terrorist, Nour-Eddin Soyoufi, an Egyptian terrorist and Mohammad al-Dhiya were identified among the dead.

The source added that an attempt for detonating four explosives, each weighs 50kg, in Be’er al-Sabil was foiled.

Terrorists suffer heavy losses in Idleb countryside

Army units inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in a series of operations against their gatherings in the areas of Badama, al-Zainiye, Msaibin, Ariha, Korin, al-Nairab, Maartamsrin, Karroma, Heish and Khan al-Sebel in Idleb countryside.

The operations resulted in the elimination of a number of terrorists and the destruction of heavy machineguns and large amounts of weapons and ammo.

Terrorist hideouts destroyed in Hasaka

Army units destroyed a number of terrorist hideouts in the poultry and livestock areas and near the Western Dam in Hasaka’s western countryside, eliminating all the terrorists inside them.