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Has the United States of America and their allies LOST THEIR MINDS COMPLETELY?” Have they become JUDGE JURY and EXECUTIONER all at one time? I find it perplexing that the “most democratic” country in the world could be the most corrupt and biggest liars! Is the MOTTO in America “Guilty until proven innocent” these days. Are the days of “Innocent UNTIL proven guilty” gone America? You are not only lacking the moral fiber to which your country was suppose to be founded on, you lack the integrity to even speak the truth!


In America these days, politicians play golf and have family outings with journalists. You know, like the attorneys and the judges do. Responsible journalism is as DEAD in America as is most of the bee population is in Florida from yummy GMO rat poison fed to the public!  What happened to fairness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, compassion, or plain right and wrong? Whats it all going to mean when you are dead anyway? What kind of legacy are you going to leave this world with, that people will remember the most? What is the “mark” you are going to leave that ever said you walked? Are we to believe the journalists that sit in the United States White House Press Briefing room daily are asking questions for reports they do in MSM based on substantiated FACTS? Yes we are, but that would be impossible given the questions they ask! A responsible journalist QUESTIONS the facts regarding answers the “American people deserve.” They do NOT take what the White House says “at FACE VALUE!” They SHOULD be on the internet, doing THEIR OWN RESEARCH the same as ALL of us do! Although you try, you cannot control the truth through media manipulation. The problem? People like us, let the FACTS out because we search for the truth! We PROVE what we are saying, especially when it comes to the MSM in America. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF YOU REPORTERS DO YOUR RESEARCH AND BRING US THE TRUTH! WE HAVE TO GO TO THE INTERNET BECAUSE YOU HAVE SHOWN YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO BRING THE TRUTH! ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO THE GOVERNMENT OF “THE PEOPLE!”

Gone are the days of a Main Stream Media journalist like Helen Thomas who was not afraid of being bullied from questions and state the news. She served in the US government for over 50 years, and was fired at 90 years old because she spoke out against Israel. The US government should be ashamed of allowing this to happen. The good reporters, or talk show hosts that speak what the PEOPLE want to hear get fired for the Taboo! Get over Israel already, everyone else has. She will be remembered with MORE RESPECT in the hearts of all “REAL JOURNALISTS” and those who admired her than all the “cookie cutout journalists” that exist in the US main stream media today. They are all the same, just with a different face. They have murdered the Helen Thomas’s of the world, and what she stood for. You get faithful readers by the content of your story, and the “heart” that went into that story. Shame on them!

Helen Thomas speaking about Israels occupational of Palestinian land that got her fired.  She also speaks of war and states “No one should take us to war on a falsehood.” (Speaking about the Iraqi War). She speaks of Obama’s character, Jay Carney, Bush, etc… She claims George W Bush was the worst President of the 21st century. Why? HE TOOK AMERICA TO A WAR BASED ON LIES!

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Helen Amelia Thomas passed away July 20, 2013 in Washington DC at the age of 92, and REAL journalism, from the main stream media, died with her. I would like to say, “May she rest in peace,” but I know at this minute, she is rolling in her grave at what the United States is even thinking in regards to Syria.

What does the American population have to say?

As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention: Reuters/Ipsos poll

(Reuters) – Americans strongly oppose U.S. intervention in Syria’s civil war and believe Washington should stay out of the conflict even if reports that Syria’s government used deadly chemicals to attack civilians are confirmed, a Reuters/Ipsos poll says.

About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.

More Americans would back intervention if it is established that chemical weapons have been used, but even that support has dipped in recent days – just as Syria’s civil war has escalated and the images of hundreds of civilians allegedly killed by chemicals appeared on television screens and the Internet.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, taken August 19-23, found that 25 percent of Americans would support U.S. intervention if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemicals to attack civilians, while 46 percent would oppose it. That represented a decline in backing for U.S. action since August 13, when Reuters/Ipsos tracking polls found that 30.2 percent of Americans supported intervention in Syria if chemicals had been used, while 41.6 percent did not.


So basically, the US Government doesn’t give a “FLYING FU*K” (Pardon my French to sensitive readers, I’m a bit pissed), what the American population (You know, the ones who pay the bills in America), thinks and feels? Is that how it is? Does the US Government now think it can do what it wants, when it wants, WITHOUT listening to it’s people? That same population that works, pays taxes, votes, hunts has “ZERO SAY ABOUT WHAT THEIR GOVERNMENT DOES WITH THEIR MONEY? Are you kidding me? Some of you politicians better think VERY CAREFULLY about SCREWING the American People ONCE AGAIN! YOUR SEAT, IN THAT CHAIR, IS NEVER A GUARANTEE! The fluoride you put in the water to “Dummy down” the population has NOT effected everyone enough to know what you’re doing yet!

July 2013 100s of Americans rally against government war plans in Middle East

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To the US Government, the “PEOPLE of AMERICA” DO NOT WANT YOU TO INTERVENE IN SYRIA AT ALL, NOTHING, NADA, NO! The SANE THINKING people of the WORLD (excluding the “governments” of Israel, Qatar, Saudi, Turkey, UK and the rest of the west), do NOT want you to be ANYWHERE NEAR Syria in any way shape or form! Let me put it another way for you, the AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY NO to intervention in Syria! NO boots on the ground, NO missile strikes! NOTHING from land, sea, or air! NOTHING! TURN YOUR DAMN SHIPS AROUND AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE AREA COMPLETELY! NO MEANS NO! While we all know that the “Military Industrial Complex” is dancing on the tables these days, if you have NOT noticed, UNEMPLOYMENT is out of this world in America! There are NO jobs to find! If you have NOT noticed, MANY have LOST THEIR HOMES, yet houses sit EMPTY! If you have NOT noticed, people are going to bed HUNGRY because they cannot afford to feed their family with NO JOB! OMG!!!

So, while you give BILLIONS in open deals with other countries, and BILLIONS in secret deals with other countries lets look, for the hell of it, at families in the United States of America. The “Land of Opportunity!” 

BBC – This World: America’s Poor Kids (6/3/13)

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So, to the US government, this is the situation YOU have RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD! Why don’t you start putting your money where your mouth is, and do for it’s people, what a Nation is suppose to do. BUILD a Nation, NOT TEAR ONE DOWN! YOUR people NEED HELP! They do NOT NEED OR WANT WAR! They need what you PROMISED them. As a government, you are to REPRESENT the people of the US, NOT the people of YOURSELVES while the population suffers. You CANNOT be that GREEDY! You CANNOT allow your country to fall, while INSISTING to take out another! Syria is a SOVEREIGN NATION, just as you are. If you do NOT like the government, that’s TOO BAD! It is NOT your place to enter Syria AGAINST the wishes of the Syrian PEOPLE! The lives LOST from what YOU and the US government ONLY wants, will FOREVER HAUNT those who have already suffered enough at the hands of Al-Qaeda. You CANNOT sell your LIES anymore! You CANNOT sell a war of “FIGHTING TERRORISM” when you OPENLY SUPPORT them! “Moderate Opposition,” just does NOT CUT IT! The WORLD does not think as high of you as you do to even BELIEVE this! We ALL KNOW BETTER! The ENTIRE WORLD knows better!

Here is what American News “Associated Press” tries to pass off as credible News! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? Associated Press, THE SAME Associated Press Matt Lee works for? You should be completely ashamed of yourself! Because, we are to REALLY believe these FAKE, PHONY ACTORS are being helped in this “RAW” footage, by getting their legs massaged? Do NOT INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE IN THIS MANNER! You call these UN workers with duck tape labels on them? Give me a break! I find it funny this “make shift FAKE doctor” has the same beards, no mustache as Al-Qaeda does! WOW! That must be a “COINCIDENCE,” right? Please!

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This is what a hospital in Syria, with injured soldiers from a chemical weapons attack that affected them also, looks like…

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And what is the REAL REASON you wish to attack Syria NOW? Especially when you have NO PROOF that the military used chemicals on the population, but we have PROOF to the contrary? It’s all over the net, we have posted many articles showing PROOF! Is it because YOUR UNTRUSTWORTHY TERRORISTS you call the Supreme Military Council are TURNING ON YOU? They are THREATENING YOU! Is it because they REFUSE to come to Geneva 2 because they are GETTING THEIR ASSES KICKED BY THE SYRIAN ARAB ARMY? And that would make you look foolish? By the way, these are some of the same men John McCain was photographed seated with here…

McTraitor 2

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Well, for YOUR information, it would NOT make you look foolish. But, to attack Syria, would. Syria is fighting a war on terrorists. We all know you want regime change in Syria, but it is not up to you to decide, any more than its up to those goon thug terrorists of yours to decide. Syria belongs to the people of Syria, as you have said many times, and these terrorists, ALL of them are represented by entities no Syrians want. Its not for the gulf states to decide, its not for Turkey to decide, it’s not for Israel to decide and it sure as hell is not for a nation across the seas called the Unites States to decide. Syrians have seen enough bloodshed to last decades, they don’t need more. They don’t want your help, they trust in their army. They don’t want your governmental change, they want their President Bashar al-Assad. If they don’t, then the open elections in 2014, will have him voted out. The entire world knows who and what this great President fights, and though you may not like him, he is the President of Syria, and he does represent the people of Syria. Leave Syria alone president Obama, do not cave to the pressure I am sure you have on you. You are the commander in chief. The final word comes from you. Do not leave Syria with more widows and parentless children than they already have. Leave them alone so they can finish this war on terrorists.

A final thought: I had a conversation with a great Syrian soldier. 24 years old, named Ahmad. A Muslim who admired Princess Diana so much he named his daughter after her. He was in his 4th year of medical school when the war broke out, and he chose to defend his countrymen from terrorists. He told me one of his favorite classes in college was English, as his teacher was an American, and he found American stories so fun. He loved to hear about Americans, and the crazy things some of them did. He couldn’t understand why a country that seemed to have so many loving and caring and fun people would be trying to destroy his country. He said, “Americans must hate me.” While all he was doing was try to defend his people. I asked, “are you Sunni or Shia?” And he said, “I am Syrian.”