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Brussels, (SANA) – Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders said that his country is still unconvinced of the legitimacy of military intervention in Syria, demanding that countries who claim to have evidence on the use of chemical weapons in Syria share their information.

Didier Reynders

In an interview given to Belgium’s RTBF channel, Reynders said that’s he still unconvinced and that Belgium demands to receive information verifying who used chemical weapons and clarifications from the UN if its inspectors manage to carry out their mission.

“If France, the US and Britain have information in this regard, let them share it with their allies in NATO,” he said.

Reynders outlined the dangers of military intervention in Syria, wondering what the repercussions on Syria and the region will be and what ramifications could result from acting without Security Council approval, noting that it would set a precedent allowing other forces like Russia who may later decide to intervene in any country without UN approval.

He said that using chemical weapons is a heinous crime and those who commit this crime must be punished, noting that Belgium didn’t receive a request from its allies to participate in any operation nor is it expected to be part of one.

Chairman of the Syrian-Belgian Friendship Association: U.S. history overwhelmed by lies and distortion of facts to carry out military adventures

Chairman of the Syrian-Belgian Friendship Association, Chris Jansen, stressed that the U.S. contemporary history is overwhelmed by examples of wrong operations, lies and distortion of facts to carry out political schemes and military adventures.

In an article published on Global Research website, Jansen pointed out to the political and media attack against Syria since the world received news on chemical weapons use in Damascus countryside and how the US, Britain and France and their regional allies accused the Syrian government as a pretext to wage military strikes against it just as they did in Iraq and Libya and other places across the globe.

He stressed that the Syrian government supported all international initiatives to find a political way to emerge from the crisis and supported Geneva conference.