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Geneva, (SANA) – UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi affirmed that any military intervention in Syria will overcomplicate the situation in it and in the region in general, stressing that the political solution is the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria and that it’s best to work on this solution.


In a press conference on Wednesday, Brahimi said that no single country has the right to decide upon military intervention in Syria as this issue is up to the Security Council, reiterating that taking any military action against Syria is futile.

He said that the death toll is rising in Syria and that he opposes all forms of military intervention in principle, adding that the crisis in Syria is one of the more pressing issues for the Syrian people first and foremost and for the region and the rest of the world.

Brahimi said that what happened on August 21st in Syria makes holding an international conference in Geneva more pressing, and that it proves the severity of the situation in the Syria and the need for Syrians and the international community to develop political will to deal with this issue seriously and put a political solution into effect.

The UN Envoy warned that a military strike against Syria will have internal and international repercussions, raising doubts on whether such an action would push towards a political solution, saying that the results of a military strike would be the exact opposite as everyone will neglect political solutions and feel that military solutions are sufficient.

On the US threats of directing a military strike against Syria and how this affects the political solution, Brahimi said that international law is clear on this matter, as it stipulates that any military intervention must be authorized by the Security Council.

He said that the use of chemical weapons by any side is a crime, and that the UN is waiting the report of the committee investigating the allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria which is currently operating in several areas.

In regards to the claims by the US, Britain and France that they possess evidence that chemical weapons were used in Syria, Brahimi said that the UN was told that they will be sent this evidence, but none were sent so far.

He pointed out that there will be many negative elements affecting the Russian-US efforts to hold an international conference in Geneva if any military intervention takes place, stressing the need for holding a conference in Geneva to reach agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition on elections and the political process.

On some sides making preconditions that President Bashar al-Assad must step down before they attend the Geneva conference, Brahimi said that those who will attend the conference must come without preconditions, as only this will allow for launching talks mediated by the UN, and only elections will decide who will be president in Syria, voicing hope that the conference will convene and result in a political solution for the crisis which sets the governing system in it.

He stressed that some people’s belief that the political solution is dead and that a military solution must be applied is unacceptable, saying that all sides agree upon the necessity of a political solution, including US State Secretary John Kerry who reiterated that over 20 times in recent months, and even the Europeans who believed that a military solution would topple the “regime” in Syria and replace with the opposition began talking about a political solution.