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The Hague, (SANA)- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon affirmed that dialogue is the only solution to the crisis in Syria, calling for giving an opportunity for peace and diplomacy.

“The UN Security Council’s responsibility now is to make comprehensive investigation to specify whether the chemical weapons were used or not,” Ki-Moon said during a meeting with Holland foreign Minister in the Hague.

He called for letting members of the investigation committee to reach outcomes. The UN chief saw that “providing the two sides with weapons led to nothing, but more bloodshed.”    

Earlier, Ki-Moon also urged for finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.

He added that the UN team which investigated in the chemical weapons use in Syria should be granted time to uncover the truth.

He called on the UN Security Council to unify its efforts and move for peace, asserting that ” We have reached the most dangerous situation of this conflict.”