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Peoples Assembly


Damascus, (SANA) – Speaker of the People’s Assembly stressed on Wednesday that Syria  feared no aggression and it would gain eventual victory against its enemies thanks to the steadfastness of its people and the heroism of its brave army.

Meeting a Yemeni delegation, comprising national figures and MPs,  visiting Syria, al-Laham asserted that Syria is exposed to a fierce attack which has not been witnessed by any country in the world waged by international Takfiri terrorism and financed by regional and Arab Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey under the supervision of the USA which is fueling the crisis in the country and frustrating any political efforts.

Peoples Assembly 2

Speaker of the People’s Assembly pointed out to  the endeavor of some Arab and western outlets to mislead the public opinion through fabricating events and presenting the armed terrorist groups as “opposition seeking freedom and democracy.”

He added that Syria has no problem with the Arab peoples, but with the reactionary regimes which do not express the will of their peoples and lack independent decision, hoping that the Arab parliaments would represent their peoples’ stances.

Head of the delegation, Nayef Ahmad Hamid al-Kanis, stressed that Syria restored dignity and pride for the Arab Nation thanks to the steadfastness of its people and army in face of the international terrorism.

Peoples Assembly 3

“We have come to Syria at this time to prove to the world, the US and its allies  that Syria is not alone and all free men in the world will support and defend it,” he said.

He considered the U.S.-western allegations on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government as untrue and they came to beef up the terrorists’ morale after the sweeping victories of the Syrian Arab Army.