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Capitals, (SANA)–Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, stressed that the US interference in Syria and threats against it will be considered as a catastrophe in the region.

During a meeting with Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, and the Cabinet members on Wednesday, Khamenei described the foreign interference in the region as a “spark which hits a barrel of powder.”

The foreign interference in Syria or any other country has only one meaning which is igniting war and dispute,” he said, asserting that the US was harmed due to their interference in Iraq and Afghanistan and will be harmed also due to its interference in Syria.


Iran’s FM warns of consequences of military action against Syria

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned of the repercussions of any military action against Syria.

During a phone call with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle on Tuesday, Zarif cautioned against rushing into adopting resolutions , affirming the importance of completing the UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons.

Zarif emphasized the necessity of avoiding the threats of using force and commitment to peaceful means.

Earlier in the day, Zarif said that ”those who are stoking war in Syria have to be held accountable for the loss of innocent lives and for fueling extremism.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister urged the UN to play a role for solving the crisis in Syria, expressing regret over some neighboring countries’ calls for a military solution.

During an interview with the Iranian TV on Tuesday, Zarif said that a ”If the US President Barack Obama took the bait and got involved [in a military action], bad memories will stick in the minds about his presidential term.”

Zarif indicated that he warned United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Jeffry Feltman during his recent visit to Tehran that any adventure or military intervention will set the whole region ablaze.

”It is very regrettable that innocent citizens are killed in Syria,” Iran’s FM said, affirming that using chemical weapons is a crime that must be condemned.

Larijani warns the West against launching military action on Syria

Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, condemned the US, Zionist and Western scheme against Syrian which aims at controlling the region.

During the Council’s open session on Wednesday , Larijani warned the West against the outcome of launching any military act against Syria.

“If the West carries out any pre-planned military act against Syria, continuing it will not be in its hands,” he said, asserting that any Western aggression on Syria will be a walk in a mine field.

He stressed that the West is seeking to target Syria as it is considered one of the resistance fronts, wondering why should Syria respect the international laws if they have been ignored in the interest of Israel and the West.

He criticized beating the drums of war against Syria by the West and the Zionist entity before the UN inspectors start their investigations on the chemical weapons.

He asserted that there is an information which confirms that bumping the chemical weapons into Syria has started few months ago across the border areas.


Cuba rejects the US and Western threats regarding aggression on Syria

Cuba announced its utter rejection of the US-Western aggression about waging a military aggression against Syria, calling on international community to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a official statement, Cuban Foreign Ministry said that any aggression on Syria will lead to dangerous repercussions on the Middle East, adding that the aggression will be a flagrant violation of the UN principles and charter.

It considered that the statements of the US and a number of its allies in NATO are so worrying, affirming that the countries which ask for military act in Syria ignored the efforts exerted  by other countries to achieve a political solution for this conflict.

The Cuban Ministry expressed astonishment of the threats which come after the approval of the Syrian government to receive the UN delegation for investigation regarding the alleged use of the chemical weapons in Syria.


Iraq: western military intervention in Syria is an impasse

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki described the potential western military intervention in Syria as ” An Impasse”  which leading to tragedy.

At his weekly speech on TV, al-Maliki said that since the beginning we were opposing a military solution and we said it’s an impasse leading to destroy Syria’s unity and cause agony of its citizens.

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Austria rejects military solution in Syria, calls for political one 

 Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann called for working to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, affirming that his country supports the political solution in Syria, not the military one which needs an international mandate.

Faymann stressed the need for the participation of the UN in making decisions, particularly its current participation within the investigation committee in Syria, saying that any military intervention in Syria needs an international mandate.

For his part, Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger  called for giving more time to the UN investigation committee to end its work, then taking international decisions and procedures, voicing his rejection of any possible military intervention in Syria.

Earlier, both Belgium and Poland were unconvinced of the US Justifications to interfere in Syria.    


Venezuela’s President: Military action against Syria will have dire consequences

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, said that a US-western military strike against Syria will have dangerous repercussions, calling the international powers to support Syria and face the plots aiming at targeting it.

During a visit to a Russian military vessel “Moscow” on Tuesday, Maduro stressed that any aggression on Syria will be the start of a large scale international face off and a devastating war, adding that “We are defending peace in Syria to prevent a terrorist war against it.”

Maduro said that the USA and its allies have armed the terrorists with cutting edge weapons and brought mercenaries from all the world’s corners as to destroy the country.

For his part, Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Rafael Ramirez, said that any military aggression on Syria will be a “disaster” and will affect the world oil prices.



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