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This was the last ditch effort (at least this time), on the part of the Syrian National Coalition and the US supported terrorist “MODERATE” rebels in Syria to try to gain US support in the “PROXY” war waged on Syria. Their simple reason? The Syrian Arab Army is defeating them in many areas, and reclaiming previously held terrorist areas. In recent months,  the White House “Daily Press Briefings” have displayed a near mocking from reporters such as Matt Lee on “Assads days being numbered” from as far back as Hillary Clinton.  And John Kerry, how dare you treat a man who treated you with the kindness the way he did when you and your wife dined with him and his wife? This was taken in 2009. How do you sleep at night?

kerry dines with assad

I’m not sure if the US administration is aware, but there is a thing called “social media” out there. No longer are all people “sheeple.” Many do not even watch the main stream media anymore, for good reason. When CNN or FOX delivers a rather “opinionated” view in politics, (based without facts to back it up), its echoed throughout the major news papers, they too lose credibility. The problem is (for them), the truth is plastered throughout the internet, and it spreads like fire. The constant lies of these channels, can be proved as lies nearly daily. This tactic may work for the people who dont consult the internet, but in this day in age, it no longer works. The administration needs to understand, their lies can be proved as just that.

We have eyes to see the truth, ears to hear it, and the heart to believe it. The US administration may support a “moderate rebel,” but a terrorist killing innocent civilians, and proudly showing their kills (or eating them), is up for all to see. This is why the administration can no longer support this type of media manipulation. The only thing it succeeds in doing, is separating the people from the government. When the masses can see the truth, the administration cannot lie about it, and be viewed as credible. Therefore, people go to the internet to learn the truth themselves. Thus, no support from the American “people” in the policies of the US administration. Keep up the lies, and drive the support of the people further and further from the government. Here is what we know…

“If” the Syrian National Coalition was interested in “Peace Talks,” they would have had them. They would have organized months ago, and they would have acted on behalf of the “Syrian People” they claim to represent. IN fact, the SNC represents no one but the players waging this proxy war ON Syria. They have no problems in executing the innocent Christains, or anyone else who is a government supporter. This does NOT represent the “Syrian people.” There is NO POSSIBLE WAY you are ever going to get murdering, stealing, thuggish organ eating criminals to agree on anything. It isnt going to happen. There are youtube videos on many channels, and many blogs that can prove the truth to who these terrorists are. The cat is out of the bag. Your legitimacy discredited. You no sooner care about “PEACE TALKS” as I do about eating razor blades…

rt pic

From RT News… August 26…

The Syrian National Coalition, the official opposition to President Bashar Assad, has called off the long-delayed peace summit in Geneva, following an alleged chemical attack last week.

We refused to speak about Geneva after what’s happened. We must punish this dictator, Bashar the Chemist we call him, and then we can discuss Geneva,” coalition Secretary General Badr Jamous told Reuters in Istanbul.

The Syrian National Coalition was meeting with international opposition backers Friends of Syria in Istanbul, nominally to discuss the upcoming peace talks.

Opposition leaders have blamed Bashar Assad for unleashing Wednesday’s chemical assault on a rebel-controlled Damascus suburb, which Doctors without Borders (MSF) says took at least 355 lives.

Since then, Arab League-United Nations envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who would have mediated the negotiations has attempted to salvage the conference, saying that the incident proved “that no military solution is possible”.

Brahimi and other diplomats had hoped Monday’s Istanbul meeting would sort out final details before the UN-backed talks that had been hampered by escalation of warfare in Syria, political falling-out among the opposition and arguments over pre-conditions for the negotiations.

Geneva-2, conceived at a summit in the same city over a year ago, was meant to set out conditions for a ceasefire, and outline the transition to a new regime.

Earlier on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the timing of the chemical attack “suited” the opposition, “who obviously do not want to negotiate peacefully”, instead they want to “sabotage” the talks.

Why go to a conference if you believe that the regime’s infrastructure will all be destroyed anyway by allies, and then you can just march into Damascus unopposed, and take control?” said the official in Moscow.

Some Western politicians have called for a military intervention in Syria, following reports of chemical weapons use in a Damascus surburb. The attack had previously been designated as a ‘red line’ by the West.

A protest by several hundred exiled Syrians in Belgium also called for the West to step in.

“We are asking for military intervention. We want the Europeans to protect the Syrian population, who are being massacred before the entire world. What happened to human rights?,” asked Rabih Chaar, said the local Syrian opposition to Euronews.

A UN-mandated expert team is currently in Damascus, attempting to unravel the timeline of the chemical alleged attack.




From the Turkey led website of the Syrian National Coalition September 1

Syrian Coalition calls on US Congress to Support the Administration on Syria

Media Statement
Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
September 01, 2013

The Syrian Coalition calls upon members of the U.S. Congress to make the right choice and support the administration’s efforts to stop the Assad killing machine.

Dictatorships like Iran and North Korea are watching closely to see how the free world responds to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people. If the free world fails to respond to such an outrageous breach of international norms, dictators around the world will be encouraged in their efforts to follow the example set by Assad.

The international community’s inaction during the past 30 months allowed the regime to escalate the conflict to a point where it thought it could use chemical weapons with impunity. These actions show it does not believe in perusing a political solution.

The Syrian Coalition believes any possible military action should be carried out in conjunction with an effort to arm the Free Syrian Army (FSA). This will be vital in restraining Assad and ending the killing and chaos he wants to spread throughout the region.

The Syrian people want to build a democratic pluralistic state that achieves their aspirations for freedom and peace. However, during the past two and a half years, the democratic world has offered only condolences and promises whilst Assad’s regime, supported by its allies in Iran and Russia, has been busy killing Syria’s democratic hopes.

The Syrian Coalition, as a representative of the Syrian people, has a duty to end the rule of Assad’s regime. The Syrian people will not quickly forgive Assad being given more time to butcher them and destroy their country.

Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.


This SNC is the LARGEST “SPONSORED” contributor to the deaths of INNOCENT civilians in Syria…

“Don’t make claims to representing the “People of Syria” at the same time you behead and eat them!” SYRIANS DO NOT WANT YOUR REPRESENTATION!!!