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Copy of these letters has been sent to multiple govt officials, to Senator Rand Paul & NY & other Senators & one congressman & Gov Cuomo & Gov Jindal…



Despite the confident tone; the case has not been made or proven that we should start military strikes or war on Syria. The people of USA, & even congress has not been shown proof of Assad knowingly choosing to detonate chemical weapons 8/21/13; especially not near where the inspectors were.

If there were visable proof that Assad had chosen to detonate chemical weapons; it would have been posted all over youtube. it not posted because it not there. This is not about who is right; it is about what is right. In 2011 we were told of Libya govt bombing civilians/doing massacre(s); but counts of war dead revealed that most of war dead then were young men which is consistent of legitimate military doing legitimate military action and the massacre/bomb peaceful civilians disproved later in 2011.

I was falselly accused & unjustly punished in the past. Those who did this; there were multiple of them against one of me; they spoke with confidence, “knew” i had done it, emoted “appropriatelly” made eye-contact; & the bad deeds in fact had happened & i was punished. But i was NOT guilty! They all Knew I was not guilty! But they were religious; had no trouble with falselly accuse unjustly punish or hurt person.

Now; those claiming to represent & lead us use emotional pressure, heartrending videos, relentless chants of “we HAVE to!”, catering to our emotions; when person is emotional/fraught; they less able to think. When person crying, upset, emotional; they much less able to think, ask questions, and demand logical consequential thinking.

In any crime; who has the most to gain? The rebels have been caught doing child abuse and child murder, cannibalism, torture, while not all NTC & FSA rebels guilty, plenty are. Most NTC & FSA rebels serve royal family of Saudi Arabia & fanatical Whahabist type of Islam offensive to my Muslim friends. Some rebels delight in hurting others and some like Bin Ladin. The rebels were losing the war and others relunctant then the chemical attack happens. Having been falselly accused, unjustly punished, degraded, rejected, (due to raised religious etc,) I can easily see how some would justify/rationalize that to send some people to God = sacrifice ,,, for the greater good of,,,

since many religious have NO trouble with falselly accusing unjustly punishing others, since in religious person’s view even honest hardworking kind people deserve to be rejected or punished if they reject the faith/religion,,

It is very possible that some of the rebels did the chemical attack(s) including the one 8/21/13. There are online videos of rebels testing chemical weapons on lab rabbits.

The world sees the escalating violence in Iraq, how large parts of Libya “under martial law” “closed military zones” as in large parts of Libya treated by outside world like they do not exist; those poor people cut off with no communication, no rights, and no advocate. The world sees the gun fights in Tripoli, the strikes, the lack of safe travel at night in Libya. According to many online Libya was far more peaceful, safe, friendly, stable, prosperous, in 2004, & 2010 than it is in 2013.

For most Palestinians life is Hell. Over past 3 – 6 years life for most Americans, Libyans, Syrians, Cypriots, Greeks, Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, has gotten worse; less secure, less good jobs, less mass-transit, less prosperity, etc

Over past 3 – 6 years; the security situation for USA & Israel has gotten worse; more precarious, more under siege, more soldiers called to duty etc,,

The Syrian people are suffering horribly and the behavior of the EU & US has NOT helped the Syrian people; has NOT given freedom, prosperity, health, safety to the Syrian people.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia are known for their self-serving, cruel, unfair, dishonest, oppressive behavior. Putting them in Charge of Syria, Libya, or any other country is NOT good for Syria, Libya, USA, Israel; or any other country.

In Washington DC it is like a clubhouse; consisting of the political party leaders, IMF, CFR, Federal reserve, European central bank, Rulers of Saudi Arabia, the media, unions, ; they talk, socialize, and reward members according to how good their social skills, longevity, and service to the clubhouse. If person is big in the clubhouse; voting them out of office does not equal voting them out of power. Elected officials who fight the clubhouse do not become US President, do not get important committee posts, etc. They may not see what they do as wrong; and may even be convinced that they are in some sense right; but their results are not right for the American people. The USA economy not good. It is very hard to find good jobs.

The Syria Situation is dangerous for us; because the unaccountable politicians hellbent on doing what they want regardless of American & Syrian people’s needs. Most of these politicians have never been held accountable and nobody has ever told them “NO!” but doing so is desperately needed! Us going to war actions in Syria will not help Syrian children and will not help US security. Many countries worried and there is chance this could escalate into a big situation that our leaders cannot handle.

The whole world needs peace, science, pragmatism, logic, fairness, fair honest free trade, lots of mass-transit, freedom; whoever/whatever gives us that will have my trust, respect and total support.


It is easy to criticize police; Yes police should be kind logical listeners, whose top priority is fighting child-abuse and keeping the neighborhood quiet.

But if putting up with a crabby cop or being “stop & frisk”ed, is what i must deal with; well like I tell others; the thing worse than having police is not having police.

Fact is that some folks want to steal, stab, beat-down, vandalize, murder etc. Others want to beat starve degrade children. Others want to make noise when others are trying to sleep.

If/when person making noise when others trying to sleep, stealing from others, panhandling, doing noisy “performances” on train for which they want applause or money, stabbing others, degrading others; then I do NOT support them or their behavior; behavior; because I want freedom.

Of course the ideal is where people lead, govern, police, & represent themselves.

But until that happens we must make the best of what is given and not betray or oppress those who are trying to stop the scum who make life scary hell for us workers.

catering to foodstamp offices, unions,screaming brats/activists ; giving them more & more power and money is injustice and oppression against we the workers & job-seekers of NYC. We know that they have no respect or compassion for us; and those of us foolish enough to go to them for help learn the hard way that they are our natural enemy. They do NOT help us; even hardworking folks struggling to survive on minimum wage. They would gladly take away the little we have to enslave us to them;we live in constant fear of them.

Singapore & Iceland say “NO!” to these scum ; and their mass-transit system & economies are much cleaner, faster, & more prosperous than that of USA, Greece, & Cyprus.

When the bankers/creditors/ECB came to loot Iceland like they did Greece & Cyprus; Iceland stood up to them; it took time but now their economy doing quite well; thier crime/incarceration rate lower than ours too.

Singapore is legendary for saying “NO!” to Unions, panhandlers, noisy money seeking “performers”, people who make noise when other people trying to sleep, etc. Singapore mass-transit system is much more affordable than ours. Singapore’s mass transit system is much faster, cleaner, on-time, orderly, and accountable than any in USA. Singapore economy is much better than economy of USA or Greece or Cyprus.

Please stand up for the workers & job-seekers in NYC against our oppressors!


there is worsening problem with panhandlers & “performers” making noise etc for money. I work “the 4 – 12″ in lower Manhattan/LES; live in the Bronx; riding mainly the 4 & D trains. The panhandlers & Performers more frequent & persistent; as if we owe them money.

Often the noise painful to my ears; but it like people mad at me if i plug my ears against painful noise

I struggle to survive on Miminum wage get NO foodstamps etc. I work very hard and resent this unfairness/oppression against workers & job-seekers

I live in constant fear of losing my home, job etc; constantly afraid; this is so unfair!

I live in constant fear that i will always be poor; never have savings etc

I see online where Iceland & Singapore look out for their citizens. Iceland ; unlike Cyprus & Greece & USA stood up to the bankers lenders/creditors ECB IMF etc and their economy doing better than that of USA & Cyprus & Greece

Singapore does NOT over-regulate businesses, does NOT stifle start-ups with mandates paperwork threats etc. Singapore stands up to panhandlers, unions etc and looks out for their people. Singapore’s economy is doing much better than USA & Cyprus & Greece economy. Singapore has much better faster mass-transit system than USA has and Singapore has much lower crime rate.

We do not see Iceland or Singapore starting unprovoked wars against non-threatening countries (like US did in Iraq, Libya, Syria) or instigating ‘revolutions’ that only increase the poverty, unfairness, confusion, insecurity, of the natives (like US did in Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc)

I generally leave my home for work between 1pm – 3pm most often leaving 2pm or 2:30pm and then exit my job to go home sometime between midnight and 1AM; . Most often ride the 4 or D trains and dealing with more painfully noisy assertive “performers” who of course want money etc, & panhandlers.

When i think of how the lazy(compared to me lazy) Transit union workers earn 2 – 8 times my hourly pay plus benefits; how they refuse to take cut in pay or benefits while i struggle to pay the ever increasing metro-card fare on minimum wage. When I see the fare go up and up. When i remember how i was cheated out of 2+ days of my monthly metro card service and 2+ days of work for which i received NO compensation or help of any kind,, when i see NOBODY standing up for workers & job seekers like me against the panhandlers & performers it makes me SICK! How often have i not been able to read my book or talk to my friend because of the panhandlers or performers?! Why do the MTA workers do NOTHING to stop them and stand up for our rights?!

Someone needs to inform the MTA & TWU that their average worker gets much more pay$$ & benefits than most of the persons riding on their trains. They & other unions refusing to accept pay cuts or benefit cuts when workers in NYC make less$$ & less benefits then they do and we struggling is unfairness & oppression against we the workers!The constantly rising metro-card fare is severe hardship upon workers/job-seekers and we know that the unions & MTA executives to blame for our pain. The pensions of union members eating up budget that should be spent upon us & causing higher taxes which hurt us & small business owners. We know that Singapore say ” NO!” to the unions; has much better faster cleaner transit system then NY & USA has and that Iceland & Singapore both have better economy than USA has.

Our taxes keep going up. Yet the transit system of Singapore & other countries much cleaner, faster, & better than ours.

Please stand up for our rights!


i am so sorry for what was done in Libya & Syria by “my” leaders; they lied to us deceived us betray the world

fact is that US was founded as A representative republic and for many years was the best govt on earth. But our system has decades ago been co-opted & corrupted by the ‘clubhouse culture’

this clubhouse includes high leaders of Republican & democrat parties, IMF, CFR, federal reserve, ECB, rulers of Saudi Arabia, militant religious Israeli settlers, brookings institute, unions, foodstamp offices, some in media

to gain power or important committee posts you must have good social skills & loyalty & service to the clubhouse. Those who fight the clubhouse (Dr. Ron Paul) pay the price

so the idea that voting really makes a difference is a nice fiction. The idea that “our representatives’ truly represent us or serve us is like the tooth fairy; nice but just not true.

fact is that they serve and represent the clubhouse.

Obama, Romney, McCain are all loyal members of the clubhouse; voting for any of them is voting for the clubhouse. All of them despise Dr. Assad, Massar discovery centers, Massar Green Teams and the green Book.

I am not certain any emails or snailmails will do any good but,,,

my friend visit Libya before 2011 and saw clean normal people, clean safe streets, clean affordable food and water, good quality free education and health care no insurance needed, promising water and agricultural projects and before 2011 Libya has balanced budget and gold reserves

My friend read “the Green Book ‘ and said it contains many good ideas

perhaps with the Massar Blue teams, Massar Green Teams, the Green Book, the honest pragmatic hardworking Syrians & Libyans forming a united front against the rulers of Saudi Arabia who so cruelly oppress people; well perhaps the answer is here after all

Unlike the parasitic murderers traitors (Merkle, Sarkozy, Obama, McCain, clinton etc) Dr. Assad was/is smart and had good job and marketable skills ; he was held accountable for his behavior and results; thus he mentally ahead of our oppressors; the answer can be found


The honest pragmatic hardworking Syrian Scientists & workers along with the honest, pragmatic hardworking Libyan scientists and workers need to form a united front against the rulers of Saudi Arabia, federal reserve, Obama, Clinton, IMF, CFR, LIFG expelling them from the Libya/Syria green zone

The pragmatic hardworking members of Massar Blue Teams, Massar Green Teams, Syrian & Libyan scientists and doctors and school teachers, the smart people who can interpret ‘The Green Book” logically and implement it fairly and productively, along with all people willing to renounce the crime/violence caused by the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Obama etc will quietly discreetly form a jointly controlled “Green Zone” (or Blue Zone) consisting of as much of Syria & Libya as possible and eventually all of Syria and Libya and eventually surrounding countries as well

the zone will be governed by pragmatism, logic, compassion, freedom, fairness, never reward bad behavior, never punish good behavior, and the people.

If Dr. Ibrahim , Khamis around/interested and of course Dr. Assad will be invited to join the leadership confederation

all people willing to renounce violence and crazy will be rehabilitated turned into productive citizens

if people fear that anything they did/said/felt towards NTC rebels, Dr. Assad, Obama, FSA rebels, will have them hunted/punished then the coalition and zone will fail and outsiders will intervene. while we angry; fact is that the Syrian & Libyan people have suffered horribly been lied to, misled, brainwashed, starved, frightened, maimed, murdered, intimidated, oppressed

I was told that Dr. Assad & Gaddafi were bad and for while believed; but then I & others found out that “our’ leaders were our real enemies. we no longer believe what we were told

I ask that all who wake up, see the truth, repent; whatever be forgiven

while we must stop/forbid/punish severe crime such as torture or murder of children

as former cult member i know it is the leader who is to blame and the only way to stop the cult and cultist is to stop the leader

…   …   …   to be continued   …   …   …