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Faisal al-Hamwi

Al-Hamwi: inquiry commission still immersed in exaggeration and disinformation

Sep 16, 2013 – Geneva, (SANA-M. Ismael) – The Commission of Inquiry on Syria (COI) continues to stumble in a maze of exaggeration and disinformation, depending on undocumented testimonies of fugitives wanted in criminal cases who are living in countries neighboring Syria, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Dr. Faisal al-Hamwi said.

Al-Hamwi was speaking in a declaration delivered in Syria’s name before the Human Rights Council in response to the COI report and the report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

”We have advised the Commission since it began its work to avoid falling into pitfalls and to maintain truth and objectivity, and we provided the High Commissioner’s office with up to 250 documents and communiqués belying the allegations of the parties involved in the bloodshed in Syria, ” al-Hamwi said. ”However, the Commission brushed aside all this and persisted in politicization and exaggeration.”

The Commission has admitted in Article 14 of its report of ”outside supporter of the armed groups who are providing them with political cover and financial and military assistance, which has turned the conflict in Syria into a proxy war in defense of regional and international interests,” al-Hamwi quoted the report as stating.

The Commission has also admitted in Article 33 that ”those supporters are pushing the fighters to extremism,” al-Hamwi indicated. ”And here we ask: Why did not the commission have enough courage and honesty to name those supporters, first and foremost, the US and its tools in the region; namely Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia?” al-Hamwi inquired.

He pointed out that “once again, COI disregards the negative impact of unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people that have triggered economic and social crises and external and internal displacement of citizens.”

Al-Hamwi censured the Commission’s allegations blaming the Syrian government for ”a number of massacres” before it said that the evidence and attendant circumstances were insufficient to identify the perpetrators, ”which is shameful and unprofessional, and unconventional in the code of international and legal organizations.”

Al-Hamwi dismissed as ”cheap disinformation” the allegations stated in the report on Syria destroying its health institutions as ” no country in the world would demolish its infrastructure. Furthermore, Syria respects its commitments to the international and humanitarian law and Geneva relevant agreements, and needs no certificate of good conduct by the Commission.”

Al-Hamwi stated that the Commission has disregarded in its recommendations- most of which are outside its jurisdiction- the principle of the states’ right to defend their citizens, which is a principal rule of the international law.

”Apparently, the Commission has neither heard nor seen the atrocities and massacres of al-Qaeda agents and the Takfiris in the areas that they attacked, and the slaughtering and public executions before the children and women and the victims’ families sometimes,” Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN said.

The Commission also failed to make a reference to the ”hysteric moves by countries which are inciting killings in my country every time a sign of an international move comes into sight towards a political solution based on dialogue among the Syrians.”

Al-Hamwi highlighted the ”tiny positive step” which is long overdue by the Commission; that is ” concurrence of Saudi Arabia’s stance with that of al-Qaeda” when the Commission referred to the calls made simultaneously by Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri inciting Muslims for Jihad in Syria and offering funds and arms to the armed groups.”

He hoped the Commission will be courageous and professional enough in the future to pinpoint the involvement of Turkey and Qatar in the bloodshed in Syria.

Al-Hamwi affirmed that Syria has been fully cooperative with the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), to whom it extended an invitation to visit Syria more than a year ago, ”which he did not visit for reasons we do not know . Therefore, he did not have a close look at the reality, nor did he obtain any documented and credible information.”

He regretted that the Rapporteur has depended in his report on selective, politicized and uncredible reports.

Al-Hamwi also expressed regret that that the Rapporteur ignored the fact that the two main factors behind the internal displacement are the terrorist operations by the Takfiri groups and the forceful displacement on confessional and sectarian grounds, and the unfair sanctions targeting the Syrian citizens in their livelihood, health conditions, education and other fundamental rights.