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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the Russian-US agreement is a real and specific way to resolve the issue of chemical weapons in Syria, hoping that the US side will commit to its part of the agreement.

During a joint press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fehmi on Monday, Lavrov pointed out that he and US State Secretary John Kerry agreed upon how to handle the issue of chemical weapons in Syria and that they will draft a resolution together and submit it to the UN, asserting that Chapter Seven isn’t included at all in the agreement.

Lavrov stressed that the aforementioned agreement doesn’t include anything on using force automatically if Syria doesn’t carry out its obligations, stressing that the Security Council should be the one to make such a decision.

He said that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is the one who should make a final decision on chemical weapons in Syria, adding that the disposal of chemical weapons may require employing more international experts.

Lavrov warned against threats and seeking excuses to attack Syria, as threats would escalate the situation rather than resolve it, and would prompt the opposition to carry out provocation and attempt to sabotage the international conference on Syria due to be held in Geneva.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that dialogue should be held with all sides, because success in resolving any crisis lies in involving sides, not excluding them, affirming that if all foreign sides involved in the crisis in Syria work to include all Syrian sides in dialogue, then results will be achieved.

He urged Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia to take part in resolving the crisis, noting that it’s difficult to reach an effective solution for it without taking these countries into account.

Lavrov indicated that the Syrian government confirmed its participation in the international conference with no preconditions and with the implementation of all Geneva Communiqué articles, stressing that the time has come not to persuade the opposition of the necessity of sitting at the negotiations table but rather to force it to do that.

He added that he discussed that issue with U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and UN Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi.

Lavrov expressed Russia’s readiness to meet all opposition factions in Moscow to discuss any issue with the aim of the participation of all sides.

He stressed that news on the necessity for the UN Security Council to adopt a decisive international resolution on Syria is “distortion of reality” because the agreement reached between Russia and the US specified how to deal with the crisis of chemical weapons.

For his part, Fehmi said that Egypt is cooperating with Russia on resolving the crisis in Syria and that it supports holding the conference in Geneva with the participation of all sides.

He also voiced support for making the Middle East clear of weapons of mass destruction, adding that the Egyptian army and government are working to enforce laws and combat terrorism to preserve security and stability.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow calls for combating increasing coordination among extremists in Iraq and Syria

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out to the increasing coordination among terrorists in Iraq, Syria and other regional countries.

In a statement, the Ministry said that Moscow is extremely concerned over the continued violence which is clearly taking a sectarian aspect in Iraq.

SANA – 16/9/2013