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Sana’a – Tens of thousands of Yemenis on Friday protested the US threats against Syria, US plots targeting the Arab nation, and the unlimited US support for Israel.

In Sana’a, participants marched across the city streets in protest against Israel’s nuclear arsenal, the US plots against the region and Syria in particular, calling upon the world to stand against the US support for Israel which includes finding, arming and facilitating its development of its nuclear arsenal.

The participants rejected the US-Israeli plots against the region which involve inciting sectarian sedition to fragment the nation’s people and weaken them, condemning US interferences in Arab affairs.

In Sa’ada, thousands marched to voice support for Syria, calling upon the international community to refrain from using double standards when handling the Syrian issue, calling for all WMDs to be put under international supervision, including the Israeli arsenal.

The participants also called for unity in the face of US-Israeli conspiracies and raising awareness among Arab and Islamic people.







H. Sabbagh – SANA