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Cynthia McKinney, Ramsey Clarck:
“American people oppose war on Syria”

September 22, 2013 – Damascus, (SANA-H. Zain/ Ghossoun) – Former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clarck, stressed that the American people strongly oppose the war and direct military aggression against Syria.

In an interview with the Syrian TV on Saturday, Clarck added that the US President Barack Obama’s resort to the Congress because he felt that he faces a big problem and didn’t want to shoulder the responsibility alone.

Clarck said that the Congress has the power to announce wars but there is no constitution for wars.

He pointed out that the US aims at controlling the sources and societies that serve its economic and political interests, asserting that the US has repeatedly used violence and violated the international law since the World War II.

He concluded as saying that the Syrian people is a great people, asserting that violence against Syria is unacceptable as we want peace , freedom and prosperity for Syria.

For her part, Former Congress member, Cynthia McKinney, said that the crisis in Syria was not created on 2011 but it was planned a decade ago.

Mackinney pointed out that the terrorists didn’t get arms from Syria, but they get them from the persons, organizations and the countries which sent arms to Libya.


She called on all the peace-loving persons wherever they were, particularly in the US to say “enough, we don’t want more wars in our names.”

On her visit to Syria, she expressed sorrow over the critical situation Syria is facing, asserting that the presence of the US delegation to Syria is better than the presence of the US soldiers.