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Lavrov: The West focuses more on using force than on chemical weapons in Syria

Moscow – 22/9/2013 – SANA – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the West’s attempts to seek politicized draft UN Security Council resolutions against Syria as “irresponsible and unprofessional”.

Lavrov accused the Western countries of being less interested in the disposal of the chemical weapons in Syria than in trying to exploit the Russian-U.S. agreement so as to carry out what Russia and China have blocked them from doing, namely adopting a resolution involving using force against the “Syrian regime” and shielding the opposition.

“They see in the U.S.-Russian deal not a chance to save the planet from significant quantities of chemical weapons in Syria, but as a chance to do what Russia and China will not allow, namely to push through a resolution involving (the threat of) force against the regime and shielding the opposition,” Lavrov told Rossiya 1 TV channel in an interview on Sunday.

He stressed that work should be centered on getting rid of the chemical weapons in Syria and not on trying to seek a resolution that allows the use of force under the cover of the Russian-U.S. agreements reached in Geneva.

“Not to seize the opportunity to launch professional work under this situation and focus the efforts on attempts seeking politicized drafts at the Security Council is an irresponsible and unprofessional act,” said Lavrov.

He expressed wonder at the “indifferent” position which the American partners have taken on what he called “a unique chance to solve” the problem of chemical problem weapons in Syria especially that the Syrian government has officially joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and announced its readiness for immediate implementation of its obligations even before the end of the one-month period given by the CWC to new members.

The Russian Foreign Minister revealed that the information available to his country proves that gunmen have laid their hands on areas which included chemical weapons stocks.

Lavrov stressed that parallel to the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons experts, those who are funding the opposition groups, particularly the extremists, should find a way to demand that these groups hand over what they have seized so as to be destroyed according to the CWC.

He pointed out that the date by which the chemical weapons in Syria are to be disposed of is realistic and that the ways of the process have been agreed on with the American partners.

He added that it was the Americans who proposed most of the indications regarding the time and period of the launch and end of the process.

Lavrov expressed Russia’s readiness to send military personnel and policemen to Syria to ensure the safety of the U.N. chemical weapons experts.

“An international presence is needed on the perimeters of the areas where the experts will work,” he pointed out.

“We are willing to send our troops and military police to participate,” said Lavrov, adding “I do not think that there is a need for a major contingent. I think military observers will be sufficient.”

He said it is important that the military observers represent all members of the Security Council, the Arab countries and Turkey so as the two conflicting sides realize that the observers represent all the foreign forces cooperating with each of them.

Lavrov highlighted that according to the Russian-U.S. agreement, the main responsibility for the safety of the international experts is that of Syria being the land’s owner, while the “opposition” is responsible for not jeopardizing the experts’ safety.

Lavrov said the cost of eliminating the chemical weapons in Syria, according to experts, is far less than USD billion, calling for setting up a legal frame for the transfer and disposal of these weapons given the fact the CWC provides for destruction of chemical weapons within the territory of the state which owns them.

He stressed the importance of coordination about the issue of immediately visiting the areas recorded as being weapons chemical stockpiles among a number of other issues.

He pointed out that coordination about this issue is not that easy and that the decision about it is supposed to be made soon unless the Western partners would decide to abandon working within the frame of the OPCW if there was not a Security Council resolution threatening Syria with Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.

The Russian Foreign Minister said Russian experts are currently studying the data provided by the Syrian authorities on the use of sarin gas by the “opposition”.

He noted the Syrian information would be an addition to what Russia and the international community and independent experts already have at hand regarding the opposition’s resorting to provocations to accuse the “regime” of using chemical weapons and consequently to encourage foreign military intervention.

Lavrov stressed that Geneva Communiqué of last year is the essence of the political settlement in Syria, noting that the American partners are trying to include Chapter 7 in the Security Council resolution due to be issued so as to recall their demand of adding Article 7 to the Geneva Communiqué to demand the departure of the Syrian leadership.

He reiterated in this regard that Russia does not divert away from its commitments but is strongly confronting the attempts at violating the international law.

On a relevant note, The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Lavrov discussed in a phone call with US State Secretary John Kerry the progress of implementing the Russian-US agreements on placing chemical weapons in Syria under international supervision.




Lavrov: l’Occident est plus intéressé à adopter une résolution relative au recours à la force contre la Syrie qu’à se débarrasser de l’arme chimique syrienne

Damas / Le ministre russe des affaires étrangères, Serguei Lavrov, a qualifié “d’ un comportement irresponsable et non-professionnel” les tentatives de l’Occident d’adopter des projets de résolution politisés contre la Syrie au sein du Conseil de sécurité.

Dans une interview accordée à la chaîne russe 1, Lavrov a affirmé que pour les pays occidentaux, les accords russo-américains sur l’arme chimique en Syrie ne sont pas une opportunité pour se débarrasser de l’arme chimique mais pour adopter une résolution prévoyant le recours à la force contre ce pays.

Lavrov a appelé à se centrer sur la neutralisation de l’arme chimique en Syrie et non pas sur l’adoption d’une résolution relative au recours à la force contre ce pays.

Il a exprimé son étonnement que les partenaires occidentaux n’ont pas profité de l’opportunité de résoudre le problème de l’arme chimique en Syrie qui a adhéré formellement à la Convention de l’Interdiction de l’Arme Chimique et affirmé sa disposition à exécuter ses engagement sur le champ.






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