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Bandar bin Sultan is the director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency. In that capacity, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as the “Prince of Terrorists.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bandar is leading the rebel forces trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Many analysts consider Bandar a prime suspect in the apparent false-flag chemical weapons attack in al-Ghouta.

Adam Entous of the Wall Street Journal says that Prince Bandar and his Saudi Intelligence Agency manufactured “evidence” that the Syrian government had used sarin gas prior to the al-Ghouta attack.


“Following the broadcasting of the images of the massacre in Ghouta, distributed by the Free Syrian Army and relayed by US and French services, Alawite families from Latakia have filed a complaint for murder.”

“Some of these videos were filmed and posted on Youtube before the events they picture.”

“They show children suffocating from a chemical intoxication that can’t possibly be sarin gas (the latter provokes yellow drool, not white drool).”

“The children do not correspond to a sample of the population: they are all almost of the same age and have light hair. They are not accompanied by their grieving families.”

“They are in fact children who were abducted by jihadists (i.e. mercenaries of Prince Bandar) two weeks before in Alawite villages in the surroundings of Latakia, 200km away from Ghouta.”

“Contrary to the claims of the Free Syrian Army and the Western services, the only identified victims of the Ghouta massacre are those belonging to families that support the Syrian government. In the videos, the individuals that show outrage against the ‘crimes of Bashar el-Assad’ are in reality their killers.”

Is terrorist prince Bandar really shameless enough to kidnap children, murder them, and then present the dead children as alleged victims of his enemies? In a word: Yes. 

Bandar’s shamelessness knows no bounds. The dissolute chief of “radical Islamic terrorists” actually had the audacity to threaten Russian President Putin with a terrorist attack on the Winter Olympics if Putin didn’t stop supporting the Syrian government! Bandar claimed that he had the full support of the American government in delivering his bribe offers and terrorist threats to President Putin.

Bandar, an intimate of the Bush crime family who is affectionately known as “Bandar Bush,” also appears to have been involved in the 9/11 false-flag attacks. Let’s look at some of the evidence – admittedly circumstantial – that links Bandar to 9/11.

Of the alleged 19 hijackers, 15 were Saudis. CIA sources have confirmed testimony from Michael Springman, the former head of the US Visa Bureau in Jeddah, about the Saudi “muscle hijackers”: They were CIA agents, presumably with a background in Saudi intelligence, who came to America on CIA “snitch visas.” These were special visas that the CIA offered as a reward to Saudis who spied for the US. (Saudi Intelligence is so closely connected to the CIA that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.)

While living in the US, the future alleged 9/11 hijackers lived charmed lives. They trained at secure US military facilities, including Pensacola Naval Air Station, where Mohamed Atta was a regular partier at the officers’ club, and Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. Two of the alleged hijackers received regular checks totaling tens of thousands of dollars from Prince Bandar and his wife, funneled through US-Saudi intelligence asset Omar al-Bayoumi.

Immediately after 9/11, all air traffic in the US was grounded. The only planes allowed to fly were special private jets that Bush and Cheney arranged to fly Bandar, along with Bin Laden family members and other Saudi suspects, out of the country before they could be interrogated by the FBI.

Evidence suggests that Prince Bandar has been the operations chief of al-Qaeda, the CIA data-base of its Arab legion of mujahideen fighters, ever since the Afghan war of the 1980s. It is these CIA-supported, Mossad-supported al-Qaeda fighters that Bandar commands today in Syria.

Multiple intelligence sources in Washington, London, Beirut, and Paris claim that Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan has paid off key members of the U.S. Senate and House leadership, as well as key ministers of the French government, with “incentive cash” to support an American and French “shock and awe” military strike on not only Syria but Hezbollah positions in Lebanon.

Prior to the agreement on the last-minute Russian-U.S. “Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons” worked out between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry in Geneva, Kerry ordered all U.S. diplomats out of Lebanon in preparation for a U.S. strike on targets mainly in south Beirut and south Lebanon. That move prompted Lebanese intelligence to examine Bandar’s lobbying activities in Washington and Paris.

For the FULL report by Libya 360 It is well worth the read…



It’s easy make claims of what others are doing, as it keeps the spotlight off of you. We all know that, it works well for Israeli on a daily basis. It’s also easy to twist religion, or add to it, or issue fatwas (religious laws), to suit certain agendas of those who are unable to follow a religion as it’s written. This happens in religion all the time. If the Qur’an doesn’t say it, or the Bible doesn’t say it, many just “ad-lib” their own 2-cents so the book, or the words of the book might suit the situation better. What the person “satisfied” with “new” twist, or fatwa forgets, is the fact that the book “SPECIFICALLY” TELLS YOU WHO, and WHAT TO LISTEN TO, and it is NOT “MAN.” If you believe “man” can add fatwas to twist, or add to the words of the Qur’an, then you must believe the Qur’an does NOT contain the information you need to be Muslim. You must believe Mohammad (PBUH) left things out you might need to know, right? I mean, who changes “perfection” unless one has an agenda to do so? When you listen to religious figures, you need to be aware of this for if you listen to man, you are doubting the book altogether of teaching you properly.

Since Saudi (who breeds the Wahhabi thinking Muslim), has the audacity to point a finger at Syria, or Iran, or any other Shia led government, I’d like to remind Saudi of the 3 fingers pointing back at them. I did a bit of research on Saudi Arabia, a Sunni led government like Qatar, and what might be their need to take down as many Shia led governments as possible. I came up with some very interesting facts about Saudi, and what leads me to believe they are not (or many I could say), REAL Muslims at all. Facts that are all over the internet for all to see.

What is Hypocrisy? (From 5 different sources)

The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

The behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do, behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel.

The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

The state of falsely claiming to possess characteristics that one lacks.

A pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

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So, lets look at examples of “Hypocrisies of Saudi”

Collection of video clips…

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Saudi being one of 5 countries that has the death penalty for homosexuals


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The Royal Palace in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia, looks like they are having quite the party…

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Beautiful gay in saudi arabia…

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Gay party in Saudi by night…

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Saudi Arabian capital high rate of Homosexaulity and gay sex because no outlet for sexuality…

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Saudi Spend 1 Million Saudi Rials in one night in Dubai Night Club…

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Lifestyle Of Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Tallal…



Saudi Arabia: Women Driving Would Lower Virginity, Increase Homosexuality…

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Saudi Columnist Describes the Treatment of Women in Saudi Arabia as “Slavery”…

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How Saudi Wahabbi Arabs enjoy under the veil…

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Arab women dancers in Arabian pennisula…

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Child beaten by Saudi Exposed…

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Syria’s Sex Slaves – Jordan…

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Syrian Women Raped At The Turkish Camps…

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So, with all the information of what really goes on inside of Saudi, or outside of Saudi by Saudis, you’ve got to wonder what part of “Islam” Saudi actually represents, and what gives them the right to try and change the government of Syria to a HYPOCRITE government such as theirs. Do they follow the Qur’an?

There are a ton of videos available on the true face of Saudis. It seems as though if there REALLY was an “Arab Spring” (which we know there is NOT), then DEMOCRATIC countries, such as the USA, UK, France etc, would have brought it to the WORST country who violates even their own Islamic teachings. As far as “human rights” go in the Middle East, Syria had the country of Saudi beat 10 fold in MORE human rights for citizens than Saudi could even imagine.

These FAKE Muslims who fight the Syrian Arab Army under the direction of Saudis Bandar bin Sultan cannot be of the Muslim faith, since he himself hails from a country incapable of human rights judging by their own admissions. If they were, they would follow the teachings of the Qur’an, and NOT the instruction of “man.” Shame on them!

Do not confuse a Muslim of faith with those who claim faith, but cannot follow the faith do to their own actions. Faith is not something you do when it serves your purpose, and then change it to suit your agenda for the time. That is not faith. You either have it, and follow it or you don’t. There is no other way to look at it. The USA worked closely with Saudi to “create the Mujahadeen.” Do not be fooled. Remember, Shaytan has his methods of pulling believers away from faith to fight the ugly wars on innocent. It’s a political game they play with the young Muslim mind. Do not fall for the plan of the devil.