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Syrian Arab Army inflicts heavy losses upon al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in many provinces

The Syrian Arab Army on Tuesday continued its operations against the armed terrorist groups in many provinces, killing dozens of them and destroying their gatherings and dens.

Army kills terrorists, seizes their Israeli-made weapons in Damascus Countryside

A military source told SANA that an army unit clashed with terrorists who tried to attack a military checkpoint in the area of Shaqhab in Damascus Countryside and killed all of the terrorists.

The source added that the terrorists’ weapons were seized, adding that the weapons included Israeli-made weapons, rifles, explosive devices and RPG rounds.

Army kills terrorists, foil their attempt to infiltrate safe areas in Aleppo

The army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in many areas in Aleppo and foiled their attempts to infiltrate safe areas in the province.

A military source told SANA reporter that the army destroyed terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts near Aleppo Central Prison and al-Kindi Hospital and in the towns of al-Mansoura, Bayanoon and Deirhafer in Aleppo countryside.

The source added that the army also targeted terrorists in the areas of Deir-Hafer-Hamima road, al-Nairab Camp, al-Bab city, Khan al-Assal, al-Widihi and al-Sheikh Saeed.
The army killed scores of terrorists and destroyed rocket launcher pads and mortar launchers in the towns of Kweris, al-Jadida and Rasm al-Abboud.

An army unit destroyed two vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and many vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in Kifrkar and Banan al-Hus towns.

In al-Nairab, an army unit foiled an attempt of terrorists to infiltrate al-Malkiyeh town and killed and injured all of the attackers.

The army eliminated nine terrorists on the outskirts of al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city and destroyed heavy machineguns and weapons that were in their possession.

Meanwhile, an army unit clashed with terrorists who tried to infiltrate Salah Eddin neighborhood, killing 4 of them and injuring others.

Army eliminates al Qaeda terrorists in Deir Ezzor

The army units killed scores of terrorists affiliated to the so-called “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)” terrorist organization in many areas in Deir Ezzor and its countryside.

An official source told SANA that the army destroyed a hideout for the ISIL terrorists in the town of Jdeidat Ekeidat and eliminated 9 of terrorists, among them was the leader of the group, Abu Dajjana.

An army unit clashed with terrorists who tried to attack the locals in al-Muwathafeen neighborhood and killed all the assailants.

Meanwhile, a number of terrorists were killed after an explosive device went off while being planted by the terrorists in al-Orfi neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city.

Army destroys rocket launcher, eliminates non-Syrian terrorists in Daraa

A unit of the armed forces eliminated a number of terrorists in al-Nazihim camp , al-Hamidin neighborhood and Tariq al-Sad in Daraa city, among them terrorists Mahmoud Naser-eddin al-Khudr and Hani Mohammad al-Ghabaghibi and destroyed a rocket launcher, a military source told SANA.

The source added that another army unit carried out a series of operations against terrorists in the villages of Kfer Shams, al-Yadodeh, al-Mzairib, Tafas, Saida, Busr al-Harir, Itman , Maeineh, Sheikh Sa’ad, Idwan, al-Rafid, al-Hairan, al-Za’arorah and al-Ma’laka in Daraa countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

Libyan terrorist Shwaf Abdel-Hamid al-Hofi and Jordanian terrorist Abu al-Baraa, who were affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra ,in addition to terrorists Hussein Faisal al-Shatar, Reziq Marae al-Asa’ad, Ali Ayesh al-Shatar, Ahmad Maddallah al-Rahil, Ayoub Mohammad al-Itmeh, Mohammad Khalil al-Itmeh, Mohammad Marae al-Shatar and a terrorist nicknamed Abi Baker, were identified among the dead.


Syrian Arab Army controls Zamalka Bridge and advances in both of Aleppo and Damascus countryside 

Army controls Zamalka Bridge

Syrian Arab Army units have today controlled Zamalka Bridge fully after a qualitative operation the units had carried out in the area, killing and wounding a number of “Free Army” militia.

Breaking News correspondent reported that army units targeted several gatherings of “Free Army” militia in al-Shefounieh farms in Duma area and on the axes of al-Qasemiah and al-Delbeh towns besides many areas and villages of Damascus southern countryside.

A qualitative operation conducted by an army unit in the vicinity of Safir Maaloula Hotel has led to killing Youssef Diab, the leader of an armed group, as vehicles and ammunition of gunmen were destroyed in Yabroud, Ras al-Ain, al-Nasseriah and al-Atneh.

Scores of militants killed in Aleppo’ eastern countryside

Units of armed forces targeted many gatherings of “Free Army” militia in the vicinity of Aleppo central prison, al-Kendi Hospital, Khan al-Assal, al-Wadeehi, Kafr Kar and Banan al-Huss. Meanwhile army units destroyed 6 cars were carrying weapons and munitions at al-Marjeh – al-Sheik Saied road, while many gunmen were killed or injured in al-Amarah village, the entrance of Deir Hafer, north of Hmaimeh and south of Abu Jabar village in Aleppo’ eastern countryside.

Army’s operations occur in the villages surrounding Jabal al-Arbaeen in Idlib countryside
In Idlib countryside, army units targeted many militant gatherings in the villages surrounding Jabal al-Arbaeen and the villages and towns of Maart Masrin, Kissen, al-Ghajar, Talbiseh, al-Dar al-Kabireh, near al-Zaafaran Mosque in Bab Houd neighborhood and behind Burj al-Hamwi in al-Warsheh district.


Aerial raids target Al Qaeda in Lattakia countryside; Syrian Arab army pursues al-Nusra around Maloula

Al Qaeda in Lattakia

Syrian Arab Army has carried out a series of operations against Al Qaeda headquarters in several areas of Syrian territories. Meanwhile, army has targeted militias’ strongholds in the northern countryside of Lattakia and continued pursuing them in Maaloula.

Army pursues militants in the vicinity of Maaloula

Syrian Arab Army has hit a den of al-Nusra Front members in the vicinity of Safir Maaloula Hotel, killing and wounding about 18 of them.

Breaking News correspondent pointed out that army is pursuing gunmen in the north of Jebadeen town and Wadi al-Sarkha, which are near Maaloula.

Army eliminates 40 Arab members of Al Qaeda

Units of armed forces have conducted a series of operations against Al Qaeda militant-headquarters in Lattakia’s northern countryside, killing many.

Syrian Air Forces have struck a large stronghold of gunmen in Rabia village causing the death of 40 insurgents and the injury of many others. Egyptian leader Taj Eddin al-Sbahi and Iraqi commander Mustafa Zaitouni were identified among the dead.

Army has carried out another operation against militant headquarters in the village of Beit Abla, destroying rocket launchers and killing dozens of gunmen, including Imad Johar, our reporter confirmed.

Homs and Daraa witness army’s operations

Syrian Arab Army has ambushed gunmen in Homs province, as it foiled an attack in Daraa south of Syria.

Syrian Arab Army has targeted militants in the area of Daraa al-Balad and repelled gunmen attempt to break into al-Jumrok al-Qadim building, killing about 10 insurgents.

In Homs, army ambushed gunmen were coming from Jandar town to the city of Hesyaa, killing scores of them, including Mohamed Hamo and injuring others.


The brothers of “ISIL” command will take revenge from his killers. 

Osama al-Abidi

Sources of the armed militias, which fight in Syria, stressed that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s command Osama al-Abidi, who is known by “Abu Abdullah al-Libi, was shot dead yesterday in Bab al-Hawa area of Idlib countryside.

Al-Safir newspaper quotes a “Jihadi” source as saying that “yes… a group of aggressors has assassinated him” clarifying at the same time that al-Libi was not the prince of “ISIL” as somebody say, but he is the prince of al-Dana area that is linked to the Islamic State.

The source has mentioned the achievements of al-Shaikh Abu Abdullah; one of them converting al-Dana area to an Islamic emirate affiliated to the state of Iraq and the Levant and imposing decisions to apply the laws of al-Sharia such as closing the commercial stores at the prayer times and preventing the sale of cigarettes.

The source has denied the news about al-Libi’s body has been burned inside his car, saying that “the Jihadists buried his body, and that will not pass easily, we know the killers and we will take revenge. That seems that the killers belong to “Free Army”.

According to the source, Osama al-Abidi has an honorable jihadi history; he participated in Jihad against the US militates in Iraq and was arrested in Syria then the Syrian regime handed him over to the regime of Muamar al-Qadafi where he was arrested for three years and a half.

The source adds that “He was one of the most prominent jihadists in the Libyan revolution, then he moved to Syria for ‘Jihad; and to establish the Islamic State”.


Free Army militia infighting in Qadsaiah, army hits Bustan al-Basha of Aleppo 

تنظيم القاعدة يعلن الحرب على "الجيش الحر" في حلب

Syrian Arab Army has carried out a series of operations in Aleppo city, while infighting occurred among members of the armed militias in Qedsaya of Damascus countryside, what resulted in the death and the injury of dozens.

“Free Army” infighting in Qedsaya.

Clashes took place yesterday in Qedsaya town between the militia of “al-Islam” brigade and another group of “Free Army”, what resulted in the death of about 15 militants, including a filed command called by Rabee Ghazaal.

Breaking News Network reporter could not verify the reason behind such clashes.

Syrian Army hits “Free Army” in Bustan al-Basha in Aleppo’s outskirts.

Syrian Army has carried out a military operation against militants in Bustan al-Basha neighborhood. This neighborhood was previously controlled by the “Free Army.”

The correspondent of Breaking News Network said that The Army targeted a location of gunmen in Bustan al-Basha neighborhood, what resulted in the death of 13 gunmen and the injury of dozens.

Also, another operation was carried out by Syrian Army near al-Nairab Camp, what resulted in the death of dozens of militants, according to the reporter.


“Free Army” launches a battle against “ISIL” to regain what it lost.


“Nahroun Halab” battle is the last chapter of the fights that broke out among the armed militias in Syria.

Free Army militia in Aleppo has launched the battle as a response on the “ISIl” dominating to Azaz, Souran, some neighborhoods of al-Bab city and other areas.

The militias that work under the umbrella of “Free Army” launched yesterday “Nahrawan” battle to regain the areas that had been taken by “ISIL”.

“Nahrawan” is the first battle at this level occurs among the militias from the very beginning of crisis in Aleppo.

Fierce battles raged in the northern countryside of Aleppo before it reached the western countryside of Aleppo and the north of Idlib countryside, where armed men and “ISIL” clashed severely in Hzano, al-Dana, Sarmad and al-Barah in Jabal al-Zawieg.

Moreover “ISIL” has charged “Aseft al-Shamal” brigade for working with the US intelligence specially after a meeting gathered between the brigade and the US senator John McCain, who is known of his bias to the armed men.

Aseft al-Shamal has denied that “ISIL” accusation in a statement clarifying that the meeting with McCain happened after the agreement of Omar al-Shishani the leader of the northern area.


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