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ISIL Threatens Erdogan: Watch Your Back, Our Suicidal Bombers Will Hit Ankara and Istanbul…

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) organization has threatened to initiate a series of “suicidal attacks” against the Turkish government, and have also demanded it to open Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh crossing points, that the Turkish authorities closed after ISIL seized control of the town of Azaz.


According to a statement attributed to the radical extremist Al Qaeda-linked group, which was posted online by websites that publish Jihadi news, ISIL declared that “the feet of lions of ISIL The feet of our lions are so close to tread on  the land of Islam in the Turks country in order to spread the message of goodness and purify its land from infidels”.

ISIL has given the government of the Justice and Development a maximum deadline no later than next Monday to open the border crossings, addressing through its words Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “you and your fellow men should watch your backs; you tyrannized the country and the people, so God’s laws must applied upon transgressors.”

Finally, the statement included the claim of responsibility by the ISIL for al-Rayhaniya and Bab al-Hawa bombings, and warned that the suicidal attacks would afftect Ankara and Istanbul in order to target the interests of the Turkish government.

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Powerful blasts had hit the city of al-Rayhaniya south of Turkey a few months earlier and harvested the lives of 40 Turks, but no party claimed responsibility for the attack.

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