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Terrorists terminated by Syrian Arab Army, receive severe blows losing much in number and equipment

SYRIA – 2/10/2013 – SANA Agency – As the army’s operations proceed in an effort to crack down hard on terrorist groups’ dens and gatherings, terrorists are getting killed in large numbers, including many non-Syrians, and heavy weaponry is being destroyed, mostly loaded in cars.

A woman and a child martyred by terrorists’ shell in Deir Ezzor

A woman and a child were martyred by mortar shell fired by terrorists on the citizens’ houses in al-Qsour neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fell on a residential house and caused the martyrdom of a woman and a child, in addition to material damage to the house.

Residents of al-Jasa’a village in al-Hasaka repel terrorists attack on the village

Residents of al-Jasa’a village repelled an armed terrorist group’s members who were attempting to attack their village and stole their properties.

An official source told SANA that the village’s citizens clashed with terrorists and inflicted heavy losses upon them.

Army units eliminate terrorists, destroy their weapons and equipment in Homs and its countryside

Units of the armed forces clashed with terrorists who attempted to cut the road of al-Karytaeen village and foiled an attempt to detonate explosive devices, killing and injuring scores of them in several towns and villages of Homs.

A military source told SANA that the army units inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists who were attacking citizens in Wadi al-Nadara villages and destroyed their weapons, including a 23 mm cannon.

The source added that the army units killed and injured several terrorists in the villages and towns of al-Daar al-Kabera, Talbisa, al-Rastan and al-Ghasbyeh in Homs countryside.

In the eastern countryside of Homs, the army units foiled terrorists’ attempt to blow 3 explosive devices at the crossroad of Sharyfeh village, the devices were set to be detonated remotely.

Meanwhile, an army unit killed all members of an armed terrorist group who were attempting to cut al-Karyateen-Damascus road, destroying their weapons and equipment.

The army units destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in al-Qarabis, Bab Hud, al-Warsheh and al-Qosour neighborhoods.

Army eliminates terrorists in Damascus Countryside

The armed forces carried out many operations against terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in many areas in Damascus Countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that the army killed and injured scores of terrorists near Tishreen Hospital and in the neighborhood of Joubar.

The army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in the areas of Erbeen, al-Shifonyeh and Alya farms, killing scores of terrorists. Among them were Zaher Tutanji, Noor al-Tan, Hassan al-Riz and Ahmad al-Ayoubi.

An army unit eliminated members of a terrorists group linked to “Ahrar al-Sham” terrorist group, in the area of Misraba, among the killed terrorists was Abu Salmo al-Baqdounsi.

The army pursued terrorists in the areas of al-Nashabyeh, al-Baharyeh and al-Mlaiha, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their equipment and weaponry, which included modern communication devices and machineguns-equipped vehicles.

Among the killed terrorists were Subhi al-Sheikh Bakri, leader of a terrorist group affiliated to “Liwaa al-Islam”, Nazeer Ottani, Suleiman Sarhan, Ammar Khayba, Abu Maarouf al-Deirani and Samer Mardini.

The army units clashed with terrorists in the areas of al-Nasseryeh, al-Ruhayba, Jeroud and al-Zabadani, killing numbers of terrorists, among them were Abdullah Kan’an, Wasem al-Twti, Abdul-Ilah Kan’an and Khaled al-Tal.

The army engineering unit dismantled an explosive device planted by terrorists in al-Tal area in Sa’sa.

Meanwhile, a number of terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Liwaa Ahfad al-Rasoul” were killed after a clash erupted between them. Terrorist Abu al-Qasem was identified among the dead.

Army kills terrorists, destroys their weaponry in Aleppo

The army continued operations in Aleppo and its countryside, killing and injuring scores of terrorists and destroying their hideouts and weapon-loaded vehicles.

A military source told SANA that the army destroyed 3 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition in the area of al-Bab and destroyed a number of vehicles in the areas of Ourm, al-Mansoura, Endan, Kifr Da’el, Darat Izza, Ekarda and al-Zarba in Aleppo south western countryside.

The army units killed and injured numbers of terrorists near Aleppo central prison and al-Kindi Hospital and in the areas of al-Kastello and al-Sheikh Said.

The army also destroyed rocket launcher pads, mortar launchers and attacked terrorists’ gatherings in the areas of Kweris, al-Jadida, Erbeed, Kaskees and Rasm al-Abboud.

In Aleppo city, the army clashed with terrorists who tried to infiltrate safe areas in the city and killed and injured all of the assailants.

An army unit clashed with terrorists who they were trying to infiltrate the cement factory area, eliminating them and destroying a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun.

Meanwhile, the army clashed with terrorists who tried to assault citizens in Aleppo’s Old City, killing and injuring all of the terrorists.

Many Arab terrorists killed in Lattakia, Grad rockets destroyed

Units of the armed forces killed terrorists of various nationalities, including the Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Lebanese and Jordanian and seized Grad rockets in a number of villages in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

A military source told SANA that army units carried out a special operation in al-Rawdeh village during which they destroyed two cars carrying a large number of terrorists and six other cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.

The source stressed that the operation resulted in the killing and injury of scores of terrorists, including a Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist group’s leader nicknamed Abo Yehia al-Yemeni, in addition to terrorist Othman Abo Manjel from Jordan.

An army unit in al-Fruluq area destroyed two cars loaded with a number of Grad rockets and killed 16 terrorists, while wounding 9 others. Terrorist Abdul-Rahman al-Shishani was identified among the dead.

In al-Rabi’eh village, a unit of the armed forces killed and injured a number of terrorists, including non-Syrians, and destroyed their heavy machine guns.

Terrorists Sa’sa’ Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Mawla al-Hossni from Morocco, Sa’fan al-Jum’eh from Kuwait, Abbas Ismael from Palestine were identified among the dead, in addition to Jawdat Azraq and Khalil al-Hajji.

Army eliminates Terrorists in Daraa

Army units killed and injured a number of terrorists in Daraa al-Balad and a number of the villages and destroyed their hideouts and criminal tools, a military source told SANA.

The source added that terrorists Ahmad al-Mahamid, Ibrahim Khaled al-Smadi, Hasan Nayief al-Mahamid, Mohammad Hussein al-Mahamid , Muhannad Ahmad Jarrouh and Ahmad Hassan al-Fish, were identified among the dead.

The source said that terrorists’ gatherings were destroyed in the villages of Tafas, Nawa, Jilin, Allajat, al-Hrak, Inkhel, Taiyba, Tal al-Samn.

Terrorists Mohammad Sahoum al-Ghazawi, ahmad Mizyad al-Nasser, Ismael Nader al-Naser, Nader Dnaifat, Mohammad Hisham al-Bardan, Naser Mohammad al-Sha’bni, Suleiman Mohammad al-Hariri, Abdul-Aziz Hasan al-Zoubi and Ali Mousa al-Masri were identified among the dead.