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al-Baath Arab Socialist Party: Syrian people will achieve new victory against international terrorism

October 05, 2013 – Damascus, (SANA)The National Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party stressed that the anniversary of the October Liberation war is an opportunity for motivation towards development and struggle and an opportunity for assembling all efforts on the local, Arab, regional and international arenas to restore the rights and to work for achieving the goals of the Nation.

In a statement marking the 40th anniversary of the October Liberation War, the leadership said that this year’s anniversary comes within extraordinary circumstances as the Arab Nation is facing several challenges and Syria is facing false accusations and threats to undermine its firm stances and to empower the forces of the foreign scheme and its tools inside with the aim of taking Syria out of the circle of confrontation against the Zionist enemy.

The leadership stressed the importance of national unit of the Arab people in Syria in face of the conspiracy and seditions hatched against the homeland.

The awareness of the Syrian Arab people will enable them to overcome their ordeal and emerge out of the crisis stronger and more steadfast, the statement added.

The leadership pointed out that the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and the martyrs who offered their blood to save the soil of the homeland and the dignity of its people as they were liberating territories from the Zionist enemy are now confirming that the Syrian Arab people who won previous battles will achieve a new victory against international terrorism.

The solution to the crisis in Syria will only be purely Syrian far from foreign interferences and dictations in the domestic affairs of Syria, the statement concluded.