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Saudi Arabia betrays another Arab Country. SHAME BE UPON YOU SAUDI!

If your stomach has not been sick enough of what lengths other governments will do to take down a sovereign nation simply because they want to control it, this story might make you vomit. This completely sickens me, literally.

All I can say is, “Saudi, with behavior like this, you will be the enemy of ALL your neighbors! You are FAST becoming very very UNpopular.”


The failed novelist, once Obama speech writer, now National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote a series of phony newscasts showing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad being overthrown.

Uploaded By the Western Center for Journalism

Huge movie sets of the al-Assad presidential palace were built in Saudi Arabia, overseen by our own CIA, in which doubles of al-Assad and his generals are depicted fleeing the Free Syrian Army.

The Hollywood-like operation had an army of special effects crew, stuntmen, and makeup artists that rivaled most studios.

The phony footage was to be fed through Arab League-controlled satellites, preempting regular Syrian newscasts, making the Syrian people think their government had just been toppled.

The CIA-controlled CNN would then re-broadcast the phony footage, causing the world to think al-Assad had been overthrown.  While Syria was mired in anarchy, a real coup would take place; and Obama would ride in on his white horse, installing another Islamic regime.

The plan, scheduled to occur on June 15, 2012, never happened because Syrian officials got wind of it and put a stop to it. The White House and CNN then buried the story down the memory hole and created a new fiction: al-Assad’s August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack, also now proved to be fake, perpetrated by Obama’s own al-Qaeda rebels in order to warrant a U.S. bombing campaign.

This according to Tony Cartalucci’s book, War on Syria: Gateway to World War III and his subsequent blockbuster articles.

Reported By the Western Center for Journalism