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Free Syrian Army members secure an area


Terrorist groups are killing themselves one each other, while the Syrian Arab Army took control of more areas

Six terrorist factions in Syria issued a joint statement last week telling to an Al-Qaeda front group to withdraw from the northern town of Azaz, on Turkey border.

In a separate statement, terrorist gangs in central/north Syria, the so called “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL), are asked to leave Homs province.

The statements came amid fresh clashes between ISIL militants and the terroristc mainstream called “Northern Storm brigade” in Azaz.

Hours before the statement by the six terrorist groups was made public, hundreds of ISIL gunmen were advancing towards the border post with Turkey near Azaz.

The majority of these mercenary groups, who present themselves as “muslims” but are just killers without honor and religion, the so called “Ahrar al-Sham, Liwa al-Tawhid and Jaysh al-Islam” all signed the statement urging “…our brothers in ISIL to withdraw their troops and vehicles to their main headquarters immediately”.

The statement also called for “an immediate ceasefire” between ISIL and the “Northern Storm brigade” in Azaz.

According to the statement, both, ISIL and the Northern Storm, had to “resort immediately to the Islamic court, which will remain in session in Aleppo for 48 hours”, to settle their differences.

They say 48 hours, because they are under attack by the SAA, which is eliminating them all, one by one, village by village, area by area.

The other three terrorist groups signatories to the statement were the so called “Suqur al-Sham, the Furqan brigades and Liwa al-Haq”.

The signatories, all very wanted by the Syrian authority, as criminal gangs who committed terrible crimes against the population, have said they do not recognise the main opposition “National Coalition” (a USA/Zionist dummy and terrorist supporter) or any other group that operates outside the country.

This statement was the most powerful warning by Syria’s main terrorist groups to ISIL, whose affiliated are trying to seize more areas.

ISIL, a Saudi/Qatari mercenary organization, took control of Azaz on September 18, after hours of fierce clashes with the mercenaries of the Northern Storm brigade.

Because of the fighting, the Turkish regime closed the Bab al-Salameh border crossing, a vital lifeline for terroristic mercenaries groups in smuggling weapons and stolen goods.

Meanwhile, in central Syria, the al-Qaeda affiliated Military Council in Rastan issued its own statement calling on ISIL to withdraw from the north of the province.

This al-Qaedist connection, the “Military Council in Rastan”, comprises several smaller terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army took control of the area of Rastan & in Homs region, and now the terrorist groups have gone on to kill themselves one each other, but more up to the north, under the cover of Turkish regime & CIA.


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