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25 citizens martyred, tens wounded by terrorists’ attacks in several provinces

October 11, 2013 – Provinces, (SANA-B. Mousa/ Mazen) – 25 citizens were martyred and scores others were injured by terrorist attacks on safe citizens in several provinces.

12 citizens martyred, tens wounded by terrorists’ rockets in Aleppo

6 citizens were martyred, among them 3 children,  and 28 others were injured of rockets fired by terrorists on Azamiyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city.

A source in Aleppo told SANA that among the citizens martyred were children, two women and an old man, adding that the majority of the injuries are critical.

Earlier, Six other citizens were martyred and 16 injured of rocket shells fired by terrorists on al-Azamiyeh too, near Bilal Mosque.

11citizens martyred, 23 injured in terrorist mortar shells in Jaramana city

11 citizens were martyred and 23 others were injured as terrorists fired mortar shells on Jaramana city in Damascus countryside.


An official source told SANA that three mortar shells fell at the entrance of Jaramana near Jaramana Mall a fourth shell fell near al-Maouna Hospital, adding that the shells caused material damage to a number of buildings and cars nearby.

2 citizens martyred, 5 wounded by rocket shell in Homs city

Meanwhile, , a rocket shell launched by terrorists on al-Insha’at neighborhood in the city claimed the lives of two citizens and the injury of five others.

An official source told SANA reporter that the shell, which landed near al-Firdous Mosque, caused material damage to the site.

Four shells fired by terrorists landed near a school compound in al-Makhram village, causing material damage without casualties.

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