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Syrian Minister of Interior, General Mohammad al-Shaar: “No reconciliation with terrorism”

Minister of Interior General Mohammad al-Shaar said that the war waged on Syria by takfiri terrorists aims at undermining and weakening the country.

In a speech during ceremonies of graduating a new batch of police cadets on Monday, Minister al-Shaar hailed the role of the armed forces in fighting terrorism and defending the country, adding that the Syrians are the only side to determine the future of their country.

He stressed that the awareness of the Syrians and the sacrifices made by the Syrian army foiled all conspiracies and schemes against Syria.

There will not be any reconciliation with terrorism, we will continuing fighting the terrorist groups until we eradicate them from the Syrian soil“, he said, adding that Syria will always be stronger than all plots and schemes and will be victorious.

SANA – 14/10/2013 – M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh