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Does US Secretary of State John Kerry, or Syria’s oppositions opinion on the re-election of President Bashar al-Assad mean anything? No, NOT if youre a Syrian. Not anymore on the re-election of the US President Barack Obama. I dont think its any of their business considering none are actually Syrians living in Syria.

“We know you would like to control the country of Syria John Kerry, and place your “puppet government” in place like all the countries the US has bombed to hell, but guess what, you cant! You can continue to shoot blanks from your mouth because you think your opinion matters, but again, it doesnt matter. So keep on making trips on the US tax payers dollars, and meeting with your “Friends (enemies), of Syria all you want, it still means nothing to the people of Syria. The future of Syrias government is not your business, Saudis, Qatars, Turkeys, the UKs or anyone elses business. The future of Syria will be determined by the “PEOPLE” of Syria, not some group of weak minded who can be purchased with petro dollars!

Instead of worrying about Syrias affairs, I suggest you clean your own backyard with US affairs. That doesnt seem to be going so well. Perhaps you should worry about your own fate in US politics, and not President Bashar al-Assads, hmmm?



US Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed that any attempt by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be re-elected would extend the country’s conflict.

“If he thinks he’s going to solve problems by running for reelection, I can say to him, I think that certainly this war will not end as long as that’s the case that he’s there,” Kerry said after talks with Arab League officials in Paris on Monday.


Kerry’s comments came as Assad told Lebanese television al-Mayadeen he did not see “any reason” why he should not run in the next election.

But Kerry said Syria’s opposition would never agree to Assad staying in power.

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“I don’t know anybody who believes the opposition will ever consent to Bashar al-Assad being part of the government,” Kerry said.

Ahead of talks between Western and Arab powers and the opposition in London on Tuesday, Kerry said Washington would continue to support moderate elements among those opposed to the Syrian government.

“We are focused on assisting the moderate opposition,” he said. “We will continue… because we believe you need to get to negotiations.”

Western and Arab powers are pushing the opposition to take part in peace talks planned for Geneva next month, though several rebel groups on the ground have rejected negotiations.

Asked about Iran taking part in the Geneva talks, Kerry said Tehran would first need to accept the principle of a transitional government agreed at a first round of talks in the Swiss city last year.

“Iran has not accepted the implementation of Geneva 1, so it’s very hard to see how it can be constructive,” Kerry said.

“If they accept Geneva 1 and want to be constructive… that’s a different issue.”

Russia said that all the neighboring countries of Syria — such as Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and of course Iran, which has its own weight — are directly connected to developments in Syria and can influence Syrian government and opposition at the Geneva II conference.

Reported By Alalam