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Rats in Disarray: FSA (the Fake Syrian Army) demands Salim Idris, Luai al-Miqdad and Uqab Saqer’s arrest

The so called “Syrian Center For Documentation” (SCD) has posted on “Facebook” a statement published by the General Command of “FSA”, in which it demands to arrest Salim Idres, the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the “FSA”.

The charge is of “have cooperated” with the Syrian government, especially in the so-called battle for “Liberating the Coast”, brought by the Jihadist organizations, which killed Await citizens in Lattakia countryside.

The General Command of “FSA” also demands to arrest the Lebanese MP Uqab Saqer and the “Free Army” media spokesman Luai al-Miqdad, because of depriving most of the anti-government military forces from the financial support.

The charge for Oqab Saqer is of selling arms shipments to Damascus (…ridiculous accusation…) as well as al-Qaeda (that is fully supported by Saudi/Qatar/USA).

The Statement calls to arrest all al-Qaeda leaders in Syria and to correct the path of their fake “Revolution”, that has been deviated and become warlord’s shops.

It seems that the General Command of “FSA” have lived so far on another planet and that their members and partners are cartoon characters.

But unfortunately it is not so, and the devastation of Syrian villages and killing of thousands of civilians and young SAA people’s soldiers, however, shows that all these armed terrorist and mercenaries groups have instead worked in symbiosis, according to a script written and directed from the outside, to cause the most damage possible to a prosperous and peaceful nation, reference point for the Arab world and for the Arab  Resistance to rogue Western and  Arab takfirisstates.