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Syrian Arab Army has seized full control over Htaitet al-Turkman town only 42 hours from the initiation of the operations that were launched against armed militias.



In the meantime, an explosives laden vehicle driven by a suicide bomber exploded in al-Nuzha neighborhood of Homs.



Htaitet al-Turkman retaken by army only after a 42-hour operation

Syrian Arab Army has expelled militants from the town of Htaitet al-Turkman and raised the Syrian flag over the main buildings there.

This full control widens the control of army on Eastern Ghouta of Damascus after it had retaken each of al-Husseiniya and al-Diyabiah a few days before.

 A suicide attack hits Homs

A terrorist attack has today morning hit the city of Homs, the thing that caused the martyrdom and the injury of many civilians.

A car bomb was detonated near al-Nuzha roundabout on al-Ahram Street, as a result, one person was martyred and 40 other civilians were wounded.

 Syrian Arab Army kills a “Free Army” leader South of Syria

The leader of “Saifullah al-Masloul”, Mohamed Issa al-Ayesh, who is called “Abu Hafas”, was killed in an army operation in Daraa.

4 gunmen were reported killed and more than 10 others injured during heavy clashes near the Arming and Transportation Battalion east of Basr al-Harir town.

Breaking News Network correspondent said that militants have immediately retreated from the clashes arena after the incident.

Our correspondent added that the insurgents fired mortar shells on the areas surrounding the battalion, where some of them slammed into one of the houses in al-Dweirah town in the western countryside of al-Sweida, and slight injuries were reported among the residents.



Latest Military Events


  • Hama 2013-10-25

    Strongholds of Free Army militia in al-Huaijeh town of Hama countryside have sustained bombardments by Syrian Army – material damage reported.

  • Lattakia 2013-10-25

    Bombardments carried out by Syrian Army’s artillery have struck the strongholds of armed opposition in Rabia village of Lattakia countryside, which at least caused material damage.

  • Deir Al-Zour 2013-10-25

    Syrian Army has targeted with artillery many positions of anti-government fighters in Khsham village of Deir Ezzor countryside, which resulted in casualties and material losses.

  • Daraa 2013-10-25

    Severe clashes have broken out between Syrian Army and opposition combatants in the town of Atman in Daraa countryside, the thing that resulted in casualties of both sides.

  • Damascus 2013-10-25

    Violent clashes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Barzeh al-Balad district of Damascus, the fiercest of them took place in the vicinity of Tishreen Hospital.

  • Homs 2013-10-25

    Fresh bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on positions of Free Army militia in the groves of al-Qarabees neighborhood of Homs.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-10-25

    Two booby-trapped cars have been detonated in Wadi Barada area of Damascus countryside, as injuries and victims were recorded.

  • Daraa 2013-10-25

    Bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on locations of Free Army militia in Daraa Camp of Daraa result in injuries.

  • Aleppo 2013-10-25

    Bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on strongholds of anti-government fighters in al-Sferag town of Aleppo countryside cause material damage.

  • Edlib 2013-10-25

    Syrian Air Force shell locations of anti-government fighters in Saraqeb city of Idlib countryside and no casualties were recorded thus far.

  • Homs 2013-10-25

    Bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on locations of opposition fighters in Maheen town of Homs countryside, what resulted in injuries and material damage.

  • Daraa 2013-10-25

    Syrian Army renews bombarding locations of Free Army militia in the western neighborhood of al-Sheikh Meskeen town of Daraa countryside and no losses were recorded.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-10-25

    Fresh Severe confrontations break out between Syrian Army and anti-government fighters in al-Mleha area of Damascus countryside along with artillery bombardments targeting many locations around TAMICO factory and the northern groves, what resulted in casualties.

  • Quneitra 2013-10-25

    Skirmishes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Naseriah village of al-Qnaiterah countryside, what resulted in injuries from both sides.

  • Lattakia 2013-10-24

    Syrian Security deploys in al-Quwatli street of Lattakia city and anti-government activists talk about arrests.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-10-24

    Syrian Air Forces have bombarded Free Army militia sites in the town of Zamalka in Damascus countryside, simultaneous clashes were reported on several axes in the very town.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-10-24

    A mortar shell has landed in al-Raees Square in the town of Jaramana in Damascus countryside – material damage reported.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-10-24

    Many mortar shells have landed in Jaramana city of Damascus countryside and injuries were recorded.

  • Deir Al-Zour 2013-10-24

    Syrian Air Forces shell strongholds of anti-government fighters in al-Mayadeeen city of Deir Ezzor countryside, which resulted in many injuries.

  • Homs 2013-10-24

    A booby-trapped car has been detonated near al-Nezha roundabout of Homs, what resulted in victims and injuries.



Documented the death of two al-Nusra Front’ terrorists

Muhammad Haitham Awda-self-deleted

The Syrian Center for Documentation (SCD) posted photos of two terrorists of a-Nusra Front.

Muhammad Haitham Awda, called by “Abu Haitham al-Ansari”, one of the fighters of al-Nusra Front, who has carried out a suicide bombing along al-Salamieh-Hama road targeting a Syrian Army’s checkpoint (20-10-2013)

Muhammad al-Shaman, called by “Abu Ahmad al-Tabuki”, one of the fighters of al-Nusra Front from the Saudi city Tabouk, has detonated his explosive belt in Aleppo’s Central Prison (16-10-2013)