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Dr. Fayssal Mikdad : Syrian government leaving no stone unturned to deliver humanitarian aid to citizens

Damascus – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that the Syrian government is doing its best to deliver humanitarian aid to every citizen that needs it in light of the current crisis, asserting that this issue is a prime concern for Syria.

In a press conference on Monday, Mikdad noted that before the crisis, Syria was a pioneer in the region in terms of health services, social care, food, clean water and all that is related to the life of Syrian people and that preserves their dignity.

Mikdad announced that directions to all bodies concerned in Syria will be issued in the coming few days to dispatch humanitarian aid convoys, organized by the UN, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization (SARC), the International Red Cross and all humanitarian governmental organizations and NGOs, to the ”trapped civilians, especially in hotspots,” according to mechanisms that would ensure that relief aid reach those in need.

The government has not prevented the humanitarian aid reaching any part of Syria, Mikdad affirmed, adding that the humanitarian organizations have informed it that gunmen in certain areas had seized and robbed humanitarian aid convoys loaded with medicine that were headed to the trapped civilians in some areas in Aleppo.

He pointed out that the primary problem hindering the delivery of aid to some provinces is the targeting of aid convoys by terrorist groups, with many convoys having been seized by terrorists and distributed among armed groups without eliciting a single protest or comment from those who claim to call for delivering humanitarian relief to those who need it.

Mikdad said that the lack of comments on the terrorists’ prevention of delivering aid to citizens shows the nature of international hypocrisy and lack of objectivity in dealing with such issues when it comes to the infringements of armed groups in the field of humanitarian work and their crimes against citizens.

Mikdad said that the armed groups have obstructed the delivery of aid to al-Moaddamiah locals through targeting aid convoys heading there, pointing to the tragedy of Nubbul and al-Zahraa locals that has been dragging on ”with no word uttered by those who are speaking of a deteriorating humanitarian situation or the organizations that are providing meager assistance if compared to the Syrian government’s immense work and funding.”


He asserted that since the beginning of the crisis, terrorist groups have targeted the all the essential services and aid provided by the government to the Syrian people, with establishments that provide health services and food becoming a target of terrorist attacks, with terrorists destroying hospitals, schools, and factories that provide food and medicine to the Syrian people, in addition to destroying electric power station, stealing drinking water and grain silos, attacking roads and railways, and depriving citizens of basic services, all in order to achieve the terrorists’ inhumane goals at the expense of the government’s efforts to provide humanitarian services.

Mikdad said that the Turkish government is playing a destructive role in Syria by allowing terrorists from 83 countries to enter Syria and commit crimes in it, while the government keeps rebuilding what terrorists destroy.

The Deputy Minister said that the vicious attack targeting Syria has humanitarian and political dimensions, pointing out that the countries supporting terrorism in Syria wanted to achieve their goals by affecting the humanitarian conditions of Syrians, adding that the sole aim of the economic embargo imposed by Western countries including the United States and France and contributed to by some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia is to achieve political goals by making sure that humanitarian services do not reach Syrian citizens.

Mikdad said that the US administration and some Western countries – including France which has become blind and whose actions contradict the principles of the French Revolution – are supporting terrorists in order to kill Syrian citizens, either by starving them or by destroying the Syrian economic establishments that Syria built over generations.

He said that the US and its allies are engaged in a campaign of hypocrisy and misdirection against Syria ”which is an ongoing campaign, and we will continue to stand fast,” stressing that the Syrian army is achieving everyday victories for providing services for the Syrian people wherever they are.

Mikdad said that the US and its allies are engaged in a campaign of hypocrisy and misdirection against Syria ”which is an ongoing campaign, and we will continue to stand fast,” stressing that the Syrian army is achieving everyday victories for providing services for the Syrian people wherever they are.


He lauded the friendly countries that provided aid to the Syrian people, particularly Russia, Iran, Venezuela and China, while the United States, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia sent weapons to terrorist groups to kill the Syrian people instead of sending aid to them.

The Deputy Minster also underlined the cooperation between the Syrian government and international humanitarian organizations through the UN and other international governmental organizations and NGOs, asserting that the Syrian government is fully comfortable with cooperating with the aforementioned organizations to deliver aid to all Syrian citizens.

Mikdad said that there are laws regulating providing humanitarian aid in the UN, particularly in terms of respecting countries’ sovereignty and working via national government to provide aid, asserting that the Syrian government will cooperate with all organizations within these guidelines, adding that political pressure has no effect on Syria and will not succeed in violating its sovereignty.

He noted that the Higher Committee for Relief is supervising the distribution of aid and housing centers with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), asserting that the Committee is open in its work and discusses all issues related to delivering humanitarian aid to the sides that need them.

Mikdad said that a vaccination campaign targeting children is now underway inside Syria, pledging that the Syrian government is responsible for having every single Syrian child vaccinated regardless of where he is.

He urged the international community to provide vaccines for Syrian children outside Syria, whether in camps or outside, and to provide all other services to them.

Syria has been polio-free over the past twenty years, Mikdad pointed out, indicating that the spread of the disease has so far been confined to Deir Ezzor area.

The countries who harbor ill intentions towards Syria won’t back away from conducting campaigns to capitalize on the humanitarian situation there, whether under the pretext of humanitarian intervention or others, the Deputy FM said.

”The majority of the world’s populations stand opposed to this pretext as it justifies a new colonialism under new shapes and forms,” Mikdad said, affirming that the Syrian government will work as it has always done for the wellbeing, security and stability of the Syrian people.

Mikdad thanked the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) for its efforts and sacrifices and coordination between the government and international humanitarian organizations in Syria.

Asked about the statement of the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi that a third of the Syrian people need assistance, Mikdad said that ”this part exceeds Brahimi’s powers,” calling him for focusing more attention on his political mission for making Geneva 2 a success.

Mikdad reiterated that Syria will attend Geneva 2 conference “which is an unswerving position of the Syrian government”, adding that ensuring the success of the conference entails good preparations and depends on ending violence and terrorism.

Mikdad: Syria ready to go to Geneva II for an end to violence and terrorism

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, underlined the depth of relations between the Syrian and Algerian peoples.

During his meeting Monday with the Algerian National Committee for Supporting Syria’s Steadfastness delegation, headed by Ramadan Boudla’a, Dr. Mikdad reviewed the latest developments in light of the victories achieved by the Syrian army in the war against the foreign- backed armed terrorist groups ”amid an erosion of the terrorist groups’ public support base.”


Mikdad affirmed Syria’s readiness to go to the international conference on Syria due to be held in Geneva for ending violence, terrorism and foreign interference in the Syrian affairs.

He expressed the Syrian people’s appreciation for the Algerian people who have stood by Syria against the conspiracy targeting it that is aimed at ”liquidating its national and political identity and replacing the steadfast leadership in Syria with Israel’s and the US’s proxies.”

For his part, Boudla’a saluted the Syrian leadership, people, army and diplomacy, stressing that the Syrian people have foiled the conspiracy and are determined to press ahead with the struggle in defense of the Palestinian cause.

The delegation comprises a number of Algerian politicians, academics and journalists.

SANA/H.Sabbagh/M.Ismael – 5/11/2013

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Miqdad : Le gouvernement déploie tout effort pour faire parvenir les aides humanitaires à tous les Syriens

Damas  /  Le vice-ministre des affaires étrangères et des expatriés, Fayçal Miqdad, a affirmé que le gouvernement déploie tout effort pour faire parvenir les assistances humanitaires à tous les citoyens syriens.

Dans une conférence de presse tenue aujourd’hui au bâtiment du ministère des affaires étrangères et des expatriés, Miqdad a indiqué que c’est le ciblage par les groupes terroristes des convois d’assistances humanitaires qui entrave leur accès aux certains gouvernorats.

“L’interdiction par des terroristes de l’accès des assistances aux citoyens démontre la nature de l’hypocrisie internationale qui ne traite pas objectivement avec de telles questions”, a-t-il dit.

Miqdad a indiqué que les groupes terroristes armés frappent dès le début de la crise en Syrie les établissements qui fournissent les services sanitaires et alimentaires aux citoyens.

Miqdad a fait savoir que les groupes terroristes armés avait saboté les hôpitaux, les écoles, les dispensaires et des dizaines d’usines qui assurent la nourriture et le médicament au peuple syrien pour approfondir la souffrance du citoyen et l’inciter contre son gouvernement.

Il a souligné que le gouvernement turc avait joué un rôle dévastateur et permis aux terroristes de plus de 83 pays de s’infiltrer en Syrie dans le but d’y perpétrer leurs crimes et d’y saboter les infrastructures qui assurent les services sanitaires et alimentaires aux citoyens syriens, indiquant que le gouvernement syrien reconstruit ce qui a été saboté par ces terroristes.

“Les parties qui soutiennent le terrorisme en Syrie avaient voulu parvenir à leurs objectifs en influant sur la situation humanitaire des citoyens syriens”, a-t-il dit, évoquant dans ce sens l’embargo économique qu’imposent les pays occidentaux, en particulier les Etats-Unis et la France, à la Syrie à l’aide de certains pays arabes, dont l’Arabie Saoudite.

Miqdad a ajouté que les Etats-Unis, la France, la Turquie et l’Arabie Saoudite avaient procuré d’armes aux groupes terroristes pour tuer le peuple syrien au lieu de l’aider.

Il a abordé la campagne de l’hypocrisie et de la tromperie lancée par les Etats-Unis et leurs alliés contre la Syrie.

Miqdad a parlé des héroïsmes de l’armée arabe syrienne pour octroyer les services aux citoyens syriens partout dans le pays loin du chantage et des actes perpétrés par les groupes terroristes.

Miqdad a apprécié les positions des pays amis qui appuient le peuple syrien, notamment la Russie, l’Iran, le Venezuela et la Chine, “alors que les Etats-Unis, la France et l’Arabie Saoudite procurent d’armes et de fonds aux terroristes pour tuer les Syriens “, a-t-il précisé.

Il a mis en exergue la collaboration entre le gouvernement syrien et les organisations humanitaires internationales dans le cadre des Nations Unies et de nombre d’organisations internationales non-gouvernementales, se disant satisfait de la collaboration avec ces organisations pour faire parvenir les assistances humanitaires à tous les citoyens syriens.

Miqdad a indiqué qu’en Syrie, il y a le Haut Comité de Secours qui supervise les centres d’accueil provisoire et la répartition des assistances à l’aide du Croissant Rouge.

Evoquant la campagne lancée en Syrie pour vacciner les enfants, Miqdad a affirmé que le gouvernement syrien est concerné par l’accès du vaccin à tout enfant syrien partout dans le pays.

Miqdad a appelé la communauté internationale à vacciner les enfants syriens en dehors de la Syrie, que ce soit dans les camps ou ailleurs.

“Les groupes armés ne doivent pas constitué un obstacle devant l’accès des vaccins aux enfants”, a-t-il dit, soulignant que le gouvernement collaborera avec les organisations internationales, notamment l’UNICEF et l’OMS, pour faire réussir cette campagne.

Il a indiqué que la Syrie était avant la crise parmi les pays pionniers dans la région qui octroient des services sanitaires et sociaux pour préserver la dignité du peuple syrien.

Répondant à une question sur la déclaration de l’émissaire onusien pour la Syrie, Lakhdar Brahimi, sur le fait que le tiers du peuple syrien a besoin d’aides, Miqdad a fait noter que ce côté n’est pas des prérogatives de Brahimi, l’appelant à s’intéresser à sa mission politique pour faire réussir la conférence internationale sur la Syrie.

Miqdad a assuré que la Syrie prendra part à la conférence de Genève 2, soulignant que le succès de la conférence réside dans l’arrêt de la violence et du terrorisme.

SANA/A. Chatta – 5/11/2013