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Al-Qaeda is having an increasing impact in northern Syria and its militants are imposing hardline laws on the towns and villages they have taken over, CNN news channel said.

The channel aired a report by its correspondent to the Syrian-Turkish borders, Nick Paton Walsh about al-Qaeda practices in northern Syria, including footages of Syrians who were subjected to torture by the terrorist organization after hiding their identities out of fear for their lives.

The correspondent related gruesome stories from al-Raqqa province in northern Syria, saying ”this is what happens when al-Qaeda decides to rule.”

A man who was tortured by al-Qaeda terrorists, with bruises all over his body, told the correspondent ”I was taken to a basement where the torture started…Every 15 minutes, someone poured water on me, electrocuted me, kicked me, then walked out.”

“They caught him filming too, and dragged him into the burned-out ruins of a church they had torched and labeled as a new ISIS base,” Walsh said about the man.

Walsh pointed out that Raqqa was, a matter of months ago, one of Syria’s most liberal cities.

Al-Qaeda militants drive through Raqqa at night, storm cafes and ban smoking there, confiscate cigarettes and burn them, Walsh reported.

The report showed one female relating details of life under al-Qaeda in Raqqa. ” women can’t go out at certain times. They spat on one girl for disobedience. It’s like Afghanistan. Now people call Raqqa Tora Bora.”

The report indicated that massive protests demanding that gunmen leave have been crushed, and al-Qaeda has started to quell any form of opposition and arrest all those who demand its departure, silencing every voice speaking out against their heavy-handed rule.


SANA-07/11/2013 – M. Ismael