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Sheikh Khaled Kamal works with the US supported terrorists organization The Syrian National Coalition. What brought attention to him was a video that ran viral in many western media papers, as well as in Israel.

“Father unites with son he thought was killed in Chemical Weapons attack.”

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Very touching video, has nearly 4 million views…

However, when I first saw it, I knew it was faked. A big fat set up. Why? Well, first off, there are 20-25 men, and one woman. Upon closer look, the woman comes to the house with the baby. She does not want her identity shown. Not only that, the baby cries as soon as he is passed off to the supposed father. Not something a child would do. Also, if you watch the baby, it is either drugged, or has been kept awake. Probably so its reactions would be somewhat limited.

Sheikh Khaled Kamal

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Khaled fighting2

Khaled fighting

Well, as it goes, terrorists tend to stick together. Another video came out a month and a half later (roughly), that shows a group of US supported “FSA” terrorists praying. There are some of the same people in the video of the father. Just so happens the man playing the father is Sheikh Khaled Kamal. According to his facebook, he is an Iman at the Rahman Mosque in Turkey. He is also a member of the SNC. He is also a terrorist that crosses into Syria, and has taken photographs of murdered Syrian soldiers and uploaded them to his facebook.

This is a post of his from January 1st (Translated to English through facebook, so translation sounds weird)

Was he calling for the death of Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti?

Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti was a notable Sunni Muslim scholar. He was killed on 21 March 2013

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The 2 pictures shown are quite graphic. Either this is the Sheikh himself in the video, or its his twin brother…

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