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لماذا يهدد "جيش الاسلام" "الائتلاف السوري" بالحرب؟


Terrorist group of “Jaish al-Islam” hires ‘journalists’.

 The mercenary militia of “Jaish al-Islam”, a recently formed takfir terrorist organization (…set up with Western taxpayer money and Wahhabi petrodollars & weapons) announced its need for “employees” in many fields, including graphics, filming, montage, printing, press, correspondence, media promotion, and programming”.

The mentioned terrorist group, which is newly formed with the contribution of ignorants coming from different areas, published this advertisement on its own blog.

The anti-Islamic-oriented armed militias in Syria (all affiliated to al-Qaeda, officially or covertly, like FSA) are interested of publishing videotapes of their crimes against humanity and written statements full of stupidity about their cowards operations.

The “journalists” interested must therefore have an intellective coefficient well below average and a strong sadistic spirit, otherwise they will become themselves victims of the Wahhabi/Salafi madness, once they will not be more useful.

These aspiring journalists can start with this news: “Armed foreign terrorists targets schools in Damascus, Four students killed, 15 injured


Four students killed, 15 injured in mortar attacks against different schools in Damascus.

Damascus – 4 students have been martyred after a mortar round fired by terrorists hit a school bus in Bab Sharqi area in Damascus.

Mortar rounds fired by FSA terroristc groups landed today also in several other areas around Damascus city.

The attack caused dozens of injuries among civilians, including 15 children who were at their school in al-Resalah School in Bab Touma, in Youhanna al-Dimashqi school and in Bab Sharqi, as another shell hit al-Zablatani area.

According to local Breaking News correspondent, few children are in serious conditions.

Names of victims in this photo (from right to left):
1- Vanessa Micho
2- Munir Al-Sahoum
3- Hovanis Atokanian
4- Majd Al-Shahadeh
victims of mortar bombs 11 Nov 2013