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In a series of intensified army operations carried out in several areas across the country on Tuesday, several armed terrorist groups were entirely eliminated with their hideouts and gatherings destrpyed along with heavy weaponry.

Army eliminates members of terrorist group in al-Nabek, Damascus Countryside

The armed forces targeted terrorists in the area of al-Nabek in Damascus Countryside and eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group in the area.

A military source said that the army eliminated the group’s members and destroyed a vehicle equipped with mortar launcher in the town of Mulaita in al-Nabek, Damascus Countryside.

Big number of ISIS terrorists killed, their weaponry destroyed in Lattakia

The army units eliminated several terrorist groups affiliated to the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham- ISIS” and destroyed their weaponry and munitions in Lattakia northern countryside.

A military source told SANA that the army killed 16 terrorists in the towns of Khan al-Jouz and al-RihanIyeh, among them was terrorist Abdul-Majeed Orali of the Turkish nationality.

Another army unit killed 7 terrorists in the town of Bait Owan and destroyed weaponry and ammunition, including 7 rockets.

Many terrorist groups were totally eliminated in the villages of al-SukarIyeh, Deir HaNna, Ghmam and al-Kaber. Two Iraqis, a Libyan and a Tunisian were among the killed terrorists; all of them are leaders within the ISIS.

The army destroyed vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and a warehouse comprising RPG rounds AND killed scores of terroristsin al-Drowshan town. Terrorist Abu Omar al-Z’atRa, of the Jordanian nationality, in addition to Maher al-Yousufi, Arfan al-Dibis and Samer al-Sheikh Ali were identified among the dead.

Meanwhile, the army eliminated 15 terrorists in the towns of al-Rabe’a and al-Rawda. Among the killed terrorists were Othman al-Jurf and Ahmad al-Ashra.


Army seizes terrorists’ weapons and ammunition in Hama countryside

A unit of the armed forces pursued armed terrorist groups in the eastern countryside of Hama and seized their weapons, ammunition and communication devices and C4-made explosive devices, a military source told SANA.

The source added that a number of terrorists were killed, among them terrorist Abdel-Karim al-Haj, nicknamed Karmo.

Army eliminates terrorists, destroys their hideouts in Homs

An official source told SANA reporter that a unit of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists and destroyed a machinegun-equipped car in the village of Mzayen al-Bakar in Jeb al-Jarrah area in Homs.

Another army unit destroyed an armed terrorist group’s hideouts in the villages of al-Ghanto and Aqrab, killing a number of them, among them Diyaa obeid and Khaled Turkmani.

The source added that terrorists’ gatherings in Talbiseh and in al-Khanek area in al-Rastan and Khnaifis village in Palmyra, a car with all the terrorists inside it were destroyed.

Another army unit destroyed two pick-up cars equipped with heavy machineguns in a ambush in Abu Rabah area.

Meanwhile, an armed forces unit inflicted direct losses upon the armed terrorist groups near al-Walid complex in Jouret al-Shayyah and Bab Hud neighborhoods in Homs.


SANA – 12/11/2013

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