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More Israeli-made missiles found in Syria


Estimations in the high echelons of  Western intelligence circles expect huge dramatic collapses in the front of Takfiri and military gangs in Syria.

The same sources have disclosed that the military groups are getting disintegrated more than any time in the past, and they attributed this to the diminishing support from certain regional powers, and the fatal defeats they were dealt by the Syrian government forces.

Many Islamic Sunni groups in Lebanon are coordinating efforts to produce a new political manifesto that would reflect their positions vis a vis the developments in the region.

It is expected that this manifesto would include guidelines and directives about their understanding of the Islamic viewpoint in this regard.

Some security reports have expressed fear that certain Takfiri groups are preparing to ignite tension and security troubles in some neighborhoods in Beirut.

The same reports assured security preemptive measures have been taken to sabotage any attempt to destabilize the situation.


Al-Manar – 12/11/2013

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