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Saudi Arabia offers 300 million $ to terrorists, Doha Coalition admits subordination

Abu Dhabi/Istanbul Saudi Arabia has offered more money in support of the armed terrorist groups that have been shedding the Syrians’ blood and working to disrupt their security and stability.

Sky News channel reported that Saudi Arabia gave USD 300 million to which it called a “transitional government” formed Monday by “Doha Coalition” in Istanbul.

The money, although claimed to be meant as an assistance to the newly-formed “government”, will, as always, find its way to fall in the hands of the terrorist groups, particularly those affiliated to al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, member of the so-called General Commission of Doha Coalition, Minzer Makhous, admitted that the Coalition is completely bound by the foreign sides whose agendas it is implementing without any consideration to what the Syrian people want.

Calling the Coalition’s terms for its announced acceptance to participate in the proposed international conference on Syria in Geneva a “project”, Makhous acknowledged, in an interview with the BBC channel, that this project is based on a work paper phrased by the French side with the Coalition only complying with it.

He clarified that its participation terms “is not a project made by the Coalition, but it is rather an international-Arab-regional project based mainly on a work paper phrased by the French side”.

He noted that he took part in phrasing the work paper in his position as “ambassador” of the Coalition to France.

Stressing further the Coalition’s subordination and lack of independence, Makhous added that the paper had got the blessing of each of the US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey who gave their notes on before the “project” was rephrased in light these notes to be later adopted by the Arab League.

He reiterated that all the main lines of the “project” are internationally-made and were approved in “London meeting”.

The Coalition’s conditioned consent to participate in the international conference, which has been named Geneva 2, recalls former US ambassador in Damascus Robert Ford’s threats directed to the Coalition members to engage in the international efforts to solve the crisis in Syria politically based on what was agreed upon between Moscow and Washington.

However, the conditions set for the Coalition’s participation are clear to represent the Americana and Western conditions seeking to tailor the political solution in Syria to the size of their interests.

This was made further evident by the quick American welcome of the Coalition’s consent which was expressed by US Secretary of State John Kerry as this consent is an American one in the first place.


SANA – H.Said – 13/11/2013

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