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Units of the armed forces on Wednesday took full control of Hijjeira town in Damascus Countryside after having eliminated the terrorists’ last gatherings in the town, according to a military source.

The source said the army units have destroyed the terrorists’ weapons and ammunition and are now hunting down the escaping terrorists on the outskirts of Hijjeira.

A field commander told  SANA reporter that the operation lasted for 6 days, adding that the army units discovered several tunnels which were used by terrorists for movement and storing weapons.

He added that the army units arrested scores of terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “al-Islam Brigade”, in addition to dismantling several explosive devices planted by terrorists in the town’s streets and houses, before they were killed at the hands of the Syrian army. 

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Syrian Army advances in Aleppo old city

Meanwhile, units of the army hunted the terrorists in Aleppo, advancing into the surroundings of the Umayyad Mosque and the old city and storming the hideouts of the armed groups in a number of Aleppo countryside and Idleb.

A military source told SANA that the army took full control on parts of old Aleppo after eliminating armed terrorist groups and destroyed their criminal equipment.


Syrian Arab Army eliminates terrorists, destroys their gatherings, advances into new areas

The armed forces continued military operations in many areas across the country on Wednesday, killing scores of terrorists, destroying their gatherings and hideouts and clearing new areas of the them.

Army pounds terrorist concentrations in several areas in Damascus countryside

An official source told SANA that army units killed and wounded 50 terrorists and destroyed 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns in Harazma town in al-Nashabieh area, as another unit destroyed a warehouse of explosive devices and home-made rockets, also eliminating an armed terrorist group east of Jisrin and Marj al-Sultan.

The terrorist Mohammad Hamada was identified among the dead.

The source pointed out that 22 terrorists have been killed in Alia farms and Karm al-Rasas in Duma area and a car loaded with weapons and ammunition was destroyed, as six terrorists east of the Police Hospital in Harasta were killed.

Army units carried out operations in the farms of al-Dilbeh town and on the outskirts of Htaitet al-Turkman town and around the Damascene Village, killing and wounding numbers of terrorists and destroying an arms cache near al-Baraa’ Mosque in Beit Sahem.

In Damascus southern countryside, army units pursued terrorists on the outskirts of al-Sbeineh town, killing the terrorists Izzat Ibrahim and Ahmad Huriyah, as five terrorists were killed near al-Furn roundabout in Daraya city.

Several Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed in Qarina farms in Yabroud, among them Mohammad al-Rifai as army units destroyed an arms cache near al-Qaboun Police Station and killed numbers of terrorists in Barzeh neighborhood.

Army advances in Aleppo’s old city

The army unit achieved significant advance in army areas in Aleppo’s old city, taking control over parts of it after eliminating huge numbers of terrorists in these areas.

Army repels terrorists, foil wheat-looting attempts in Hasaka

The army units killed a number of terrorists who were trying to loot wheat silos in the area of Ghweran and destroyed many terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in Hasaka and its countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that the army killed 20 terrorists and destroyed 5 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and some of them equipped with heavy machineguns in the areas of al-Bahharyeh, al-Qasayeb and Kharab Askar in al-Qamishli countryside.

The source added that the army eliminated the members of an armed terrorist group who were trying to loot wheat silos in Ghweran neighborhood in Hasaka city.

Terrorists eliminated, gatherings destroyed in Homs

A military source told SANA that all members of an armed terrorist group were eliminated as they were trying to infiltrate from al-Ghasbieh into al-Dwair village, in addition to eliminating another armed terrorist group while it was smuggling weapons and ammunition from al-Rastan city to the terrorists in al-Hula in Homs countryside.

The source added that an army unit destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in the villages of Mhin, al-Dar al-Kabira, al-Ghanto, al-Quneitrat and in the area between the villages of Izz-Eddin and Hameis, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.





SANA – B. Mousa/ M. Ismael/ Mazen – 13/11/2013

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