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The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked into American Matthew VanDykes email and Twitter accounts, and have downloaded all his information.

Mathew VanDyke heading to Syria

Matthew VanDyke again

Both videos Uploaded By NevaehWest

He is believed to have some associated ties with the CIA. He has traveled to Syria, at least on 2 occasions to help “liberate” Syrians the way he did in Libya when he joined illegal rogue forces to help eliminate Gaddafi. He spent some time in a jail in Libya, and now believes he is an expert on the Middle East, and what the people of the Middle East (especially Syria) want.

He made a short film regarding HIS version of the situation in Syria, and peddles it around the US at every chance he gets. I actually watched it, and the first thing that came to mind was… “Touching music but zero proof.” Interviews of a few who cliam to be Syrians, but who knows.

The girl, Nour (seen in the above videos), speaks about how she used to wear her high heels around Syria, but doesnt anymore. I guess she is too stupid to realize what will happen to her heels if the disgusting Radical Jihad Islamists come to power over the government of Syria she bad mouths!

Might as well throw those pumps away baby!

The only thing you will be wearing is a burka! 

Matthew is nothing but a zionist tool. A big mouth, with nothing to back it up his claims. You can catch Matthew showing his garbage around America, but dont expect this twitter account to be be accurate for that at anytime soon…

The SEA has been having quite a bit of fun with his account







At least now, the twitter account of Matthew VanDyke is speaking the truth. Something Matthew has no clue how to do!