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When you look up ‘stupid’ in the dictionary, this is what it says…

adj. stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est
1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.
A stupid or foolish person.

I call for a picture of ISIS Jihadists to be added to the dictionary under the word ‘STUPID.’


BEIRUT: Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater #Syria (ISIS) have publicly displayed in #Aleppo what they claim was the decapitated head of an Iraqi Shiite pro-regime militiaman, amid claims the dead man was actually a rebel fighter.

A YouTube video emerged Wednesday purporting to show militants from ISIS displaying the man’s severed head in front of a small crowd in the city of Aleppo.

The contents of the video could not be independently verified, but the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that while ISIS militants were responsible for the grisly incident, they had in fact killed an anti-regime rebel from an Islamist militia.

The Observatory said the man was wounded in recent fighting near Aleppo, and was overheard by ISIS militants muttering prayers to the Imams Ali and Hussein, who are venerated by Shiites, while under the influence of anesthetic and awaiting an operation.

The Observatory speculated that the man was merely repeating the last thing he heard before being wounded near Base 80, namely the battle cries of Iraqi and Lebanese Shiites fighting alongside the regime.

Pro-opposition sources claimed that he was from the Ahrar al-Sham network of rebels, and had in fact been wounded in battle. One Salafist commentator maintained that his head remained in the possession of ISIS.

The DailyStar Reports

Today, the Telegraph Reports an apology from them for severing the mans head…

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels apologise after cutting off head of wrong person.

Militant Islamist rebels in Syria linked to al-Qaeda have asked for “understanding and forgiveness” for cutting off and putting on display the wrong man’s head.
In a public appearance filmed and posted online, members of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, one brandishing a knife, held up a bearded head before a crowd in Aleppo. They triumphantly described the execution of what they said was a member of an Iraqi Shia militia fighting for President Bashar al-Assad.

idiot isis
But the head was recognised from the video as originally belonging to a member of Ahrar al-Sham, a Sunni Islamist rebel group that often fights alongside ISIS though it does not share its al-Qaeda ideology.
After inquiries, an ISIS spokesman admitted he was Mohammed Fares, an Ahrar commander reported missing some days ago. This could not be independently confirmed, but in an earlier video of a speech by Mr Fares he bears a close resemblance to the severed head in the later video.
The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which monitors deaths in the Syrian conflict, and several activists on social media said that ISIS fighters misunderstood comments Mr Fares made referring to the Imams Ali and Hussein, the founding fathers of Shiism.