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Over 600 militants of opposition parties have surrendered to Syrian troops in the last 72 hours, the Suriya al-En news agency reports today.

The majority of the rebels lay down their arms near Damascus and Homs, the agency quotes the data of a source in the armed forces command of the SAR.


Syrian military note that the successful tactics of blocking the supply lines of the enemy on the southern outskirts of the capital has led to the desired result. In addition, helicopters are constantly dropping leaflets urging deserters to take advantage of the President’s Amnesty.

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Currently, army units began operations on the outskirts of Ilda and Babilla – the last two settlements in the southern direction, which remain in the hands of the rebels. According to the military, the militants are likely to lay down their arms without resistance. On Thursday, artillery actively bombarded the southern outskirts and strikes from the air were delivered on them, too.

According to the al- Ekhbariya TV station, in Mhina, 85 km to the South-East of Homs, the troops returned under their control military warehouses that are located in this mountainous terrain. After the siege, which lasted for more than three weeks, dozens of armed militants surrendered there.

In Al-Qusayr /to the West of Homs/, Syrian border guards blocked the way of several gangs of terrorist mercenaries, who were trying to force their way to the highland area of Kalamun. The Syrian army blocks all approaches to this large foothold of the militants to the North-West of Damascus.

Today, Syrian servicemen released the city of Tel-Hasil, near Aleppo, inhabited by Kurds. The Surya al-En News Agency reports about the destruction of the headquarters of the Islamic brigade Tawhid in the result of a pointed strike by the Syrian air force. Several field commanders were killed and seriously injured. 19 mercenaries were killed together with them.

Reported By Voice of Russia, TASS